Thursday, December 21, 2006


There are aspects of my job that I love. I love meeting new people, I love getting to know the people who live here, I love the opportunity to shape our own community and I love the flexibility of it all.

There are things I don't mind doing. I don't mind dealing with most tenant disputes. I think its good practice for real life to diffuse "ugly" situations. I don't mind doing the grounds. Kaitlyn rides along on her bike or in her wagon and I get a great deal of satisfaction out of it. Plus, we get to be outside. I don't mind doing move-out paperwork, I enjoy the satisfaction of either charging the hell out of someone who trashed an apartment or giving back an entire deposit to someone who worked hard to clean their unit. I don't mind the tediousness of move-in paperwork. It's so repetitive it's nearly relaxing.

There are things I don't like doing. I don't like wearing a pager all the time. I don't like explaining that "No, having 1 of your 8 bathroom light bulbs is not a major emergency, I don't care if you can't apply your make-up, it's after 11 PM." Or the "Well, you were told for 6 months to remove the trash from your balcony, you were specifically told a day and time it would be removed for you, you were told and watched while it was hauled away so No, I'm not responsible for replacing your 1991 Jane Fonda Work out tape."

Then there are things I HATE. I HATE cleaning the laundry room. A laundry room is a place where you take something dirty and make it CLEAN. So then, why do you insist on a DAILY basis to trash it? Why do people live like that? It's as though they are in the middle of doing laundry, have the door propped open with the garbage can (after complaining that the washers were stolen you continue to leave the door open all hours of the night) 2.4 feet away from them and think that is much to far to walk. I should toss my opened bottle of detergent with remnants in it and when it not only splatters everywhere, but the bottle doesn't even make it to the trash, let's shrug our shoulders and say "it isn't my job" and continue to be a slob. I also HATE realizing what kind of trash and demise people will live in. You learn this quick after your first lock out eviction. The last unit hadn't had power in MONTHS yet had dairy products in the fridge. Yummy that smelled good. And of course the eggs that were smashed into the carpet were a lovely touch. What I really enjoyed though was the hole they left in the wall in an attempt to splice into electricity outside. Ugh, what a disgusting society we must live in.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great job. I am incredibly lucky to be able to stay at home with my princess. There are enough lulls in the day where we can have a lot of mommy and me time and I have no problem putting up the "Closed" sign and locking the office up if we need more. We get to spend all of our time together playing, learning and creating memories. I just do not understand people!!!

So, in a nice venting list, here are the five worst things I've seen/dealt with:

5. Hypodermic needles hidden in a "Parenting" magazine after move-out. They were not diabetic.
4. A living room whose floor looked like a dumpster, wrappers and maggots included
3. The tenant who explained that it wasn't his fault he hadn't paid the rent, his church was supposed to pay since they knew he spent all his money on crack
2. The woman living in her VAN with her maybe 1 year old son, SHOOTING UP in the parking lot.
1. Our door on fire.

However, here are the 5 nicest things I've seen here:

5. A tenant collecting at least 2 trucks filled with toys for charity.
4. A collection taken for a young mother on hard times to pay her rent.
3. Lots and Lots of yummy treats, cards and thank you for the work I put in J
2. A tenant helping her elderly neighbor for HOURS a day for pure satisfaction and joy.
1. The sweetest couple who daily thank god and every American they see for the opportunity to be in such a great county. (These are actually one of my favorite tenants, they are incredibly sweet)

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