Saturday, December 9, 2006


Where for the most part, everything goes splendidly?

I had one yesterday. It had a couple of hiccups in it, but for the most part it was amazing.

It all started with me being able to sleep in until 7:15, normally I'm up at 6, Dusty already having his clothes ironed and Kaitlyn still snoozing.

I took a shower and got ready for the day without a fuss from Kaitlyn or Archie, which can be a rare feat some days.

We started working with a slow morning. Kaitlyn and I played a lot, she was really giggly. She ate her breakfast like a good girl, drank her milk and juice from a cup, without a straw and was happy.

Before lunch we went on a nice long walk where Kaitlyn said Hello and Bye to every person, animal and inanimate object we passed.

We ate our yummy lunch and Kaitlyn settled in for Sesame Street, her favorite. She was so excited to see her "friends" that she sang with them, talked to them and blew them kisses when they were over.

Normally, that's Kaitlyn's nap time. She didn't show any signs of tiredness so we had coloring time. Kaitlyn used her markers to practice her circles and kept saying "Look Mommy" to point out what she'd drawn.

After coloring we had a snack. Then things got busy. Within 2 hours, Kaitlyn and I showed an apartment 9 times. Being as how I have 7 vacancies and haven't had ANY phone or foot traffic, this was good. Kaitlyn was so friendly to everyone! We were able to rent 2 apartments on the spot with another returning on Saturday! I know I couldn't have done it without her!

After all that work, we needed dinner. I cooked dinner while Kaitlyn cleaned up her toys. Before we knew it, Daddy was home! I don't know who was more excited, Kaitlyn or Archie.

Dusty had enough time to hug them both before it was time for dinner. Kaitlyn was such a good girl. She ate her food and was really good about not feeding Archie. Dusty and I ate, cleaned up and ran Kaitlyn's bath water.

Dusty started Kaitlyn's bath and I finished. When she was nice and clean she got to get out and wear her favorite monkey towel. She is so cute when she has it on. We got jammies on (and she said jammies!! YAY!!) and she sat on the bathroom counter while I blow-dried her hair. She is such a big girl.

It was playtime for a couple of hours before bed. Kaitlyn still has a cold so Dusty offered to cuddle with her in our bed to help her sleep. So, that meant I had mommy time! yay!!

I've been bad about Kaitlyn's website. I only change the background every month and I'd like to twice a month, at least. The problem is, I've added so much that it's 45 pages of html code that has to be changed to get it how I like it.

So, I worked on her Thanksgiving website so I can change it on the 19th! In an hour I was able to get the hardest 30 pages done and ready! I was so proud!

I also got directions printed and Kaitlyn's bag packed. Today we are going to SF. Kaitlyn's on hold for a Gymboree shoot and they want to do a pre-fit go-see tomorrow morning. She's also been scouted by a competing agency so I agreed to meet with them and see what they are all about.

Plus tonight I have a hair appointment. I have no idea what I want to do other than something "different, but not gaudy" haha. Kaitlyn's going too so she can get a trim and Auntie Christina has the appointment right before us, so she's going too!

On another subject that Dusty and I dealt with yesterday, parenting is not an easy adventure. It is incredibly enjoyable, but it's also a lot of work. It is filled with a lot of decision making and some decisions are easier than others. What works for and what is good for one family may not be good for another.

I am really proud of Dusty for making a tough decision recently. He chose to do what is best for the three of us rather than what would be easiest. It reminded me once again why I love him. I am incredibly proud that he held his ground in his decision and am thrilled with the amount of love and support he has given me. He truly puts Kaitlyn and I, our feelings, our needs and our well-being, first and I couldn't ask for anything more in life.

I would also like to thank everyone that has respected and supported our decision, regardless of their own personal opinion. We understand that what is right for us isn't right for everyone and appreciate others that feel the same about our decisions. Family is the greatest thing in the world. It's your greatest and strongest foundation. We are proud that our foundation is made from such a great level of quality, it makes it even more apparhent that quality far outranks quantity anyday.

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