Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Current mood: annoyed
The tenant whom I KNOW set fire to our door has received his 30 day notice to terminate his tenancy.

I overheard him outside my window talking about the fire with another tenant. Of course, there isn't anything the police or fire department can do with the information, but it sure does irk me. I have more than enough tenant complaints on him and after his last violation of the rental agreement I was eager to serve him notice.

I knew this would not be pretty. I knew this would be a hellish 30 days. I knew it would be worth it. I knew this would be a better community without him. I knew my job would be easier and better without his presense.

Today it started. He is disabled and wears diapers. Under our window he left a box of his used diapers, his trash, his cigarrette butts and his 30 day notice. While I am unsure if he knew he did this, he placed all of the "items" into a box with HIS NAME and HIS ADDRESS all over it. Silly man.

There was a similar box under a stair well, and of course all of his junk mail strewn in front of the mailboxes, again with HIS NAME all over it.

Then, to top it all of was the "DA DA DUM" feces he left in front of his door. That's right folks, he relieved himself in front of his door. Why didn't he make it to the bathroom? I don't know, maybe he spent too much time putting out boxes of trash or he used all his diapers making a point. Regardless, EWWW

Of course, I photographed it all. Sighed and figured only 1 more month of him and his ways.

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