Wednesday, December 6, 2006


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It seems in our country these days society has come to believe that if something bad happens to you lots of money will make it better. People now look for lawsuits; they seek out reasons to sue someone else regardless of whether or not it is ethically or morally right. Those people seek out technicalities and loopholes in the law meant to help those with serious issues and use them for their own financial gain. These people make me sick.

Because of the sue happy society we currently live in people are scared to do what's right. Law enforcement is scared to do its job because god forbid you accuse someone of something that is of a different race than you, you will automatically be seen as a racist. Officers of our time now will not make an arrest without bona fide, 100% without a doubt evidence. If they dare to make an innocent mistake and the wrong man is accused there goes their job and their future.

On Sunday we had our door set aflame. Although someone attempted to burn down the home my family lives in I could not imagine using it as a "get rich quick" scheme. Am I upset and stressed about it? Yes I am. However, that doesn't mean I am going to expect my employer to cover the costs of me going out on stress for something that is not their fault. I also wouldn't dream of suing them for financial gain, they did not set the fire, why in the world should they be financially responsible for it? I hope to think it is because I have been raised with good ethics, morals and *gasp* a conscience. That isn't to say that if they offered something to compensate me for my time and belongings I wouldn't accept it, I would, but I do not feel entitled to anything.

We know who committed the crime. We have a witness who watched him shove an item into the mail slot around the time the fire was started. He admits to struggling to get something into the mail slot. The rest of his story doesn't add up, yet the police cannot charge him. They have to have a slam dunk case against him to arrest him since he is both black and handicapped and already screaming discrimination. So, he is free to do as he pleases while the investigation continues. I am having a hard time evicting him legally for the same reasons. He will sue. He will state that his eviction had nothing to do with the numerous violations of his rental agreement, his constant harassment of myself or other tenants, or the allegations that he lit a part of my home and my life on fire and everything to do with the fact that he is black and handicapped.

Don't get me wrong. I do believe there are many instances where lawsuits are necessary. I do believe that if someone is at fault for loss of personal property, life or medical bills the RESPONSIBLE party should pay for those fees. I am aware that there are many, many good people who seek legal representation in cases such as those that are legitimate. My irritation rests with those that go after the wrong people just because they have more money, the people who use scummy lawyers and think that if they say this or they say that they are entitled to financial gain. The law was never written so that people could gain from misfortune, rather it was written so that people would not end up with less than what they had when someone else takes it from them.

I do believe that there is prejudice in our judicial system as well as our society. Do I believe that every officer is a racist pig with the intent of putting away every non-Caucasian? HHell no I don't believe that! While I do believe there are incidents where people are wrongly accused and incarcerated because of the color of their skin, I do not believe that is the norm. I do not think it's right to throw around the race card at every chance in hopes that it'll get you off as it did OJ, nor do I think it's right to sue police departments and the government if you happen to be wrongly accused (or rightfully in that matter) and of a different nationality than the arresting officer(s).

And on the same subject, I know who is guilty of the crime of arson and attempted burglary. I am confident that he will be brought to justice. He is black, handicapped and thinks he's ghetto. Does that mean I will be scared of all blacks in the future? No it doesn't. I am a fully capable person, blessed with the ability to think on my own and reason in a sensible way. I am completely aware that there are ignorant, crazy, psychotic, cowardly jerks in every city, state and county in all shapes, sizes and colors. To think otherwise would make me no better than he. He is a complete nut job and I look forward to the day he is in prison serving a long sentence.

I do hope that those who are responsible for filing such frivolous lawsuits will grow a brain and a heart and realize how bad it is for our nation. Please take a step back and ask if you want to live in a nation where the law cannot be enforced by officers because they are too fearful of losing their jobs. If everyone makes an effort to come to the conclusion that bad things happen to everyone all over the world and it's a part of what makes life go round, perhaps we can put an end to this awful pattern we have fallen into. When bad things happen we can do one of two things: Learn, grow and become stronger from the experience OR be shameful and find the first possible person that *could* be held liable, regardless of whether or not they did it and sue the hell out of them like a shameless beast. The decision is yours.

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