Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Everywhere I turn!! I absolutely LOVE it!!

There is something so magical about ths time of year. Everything is so festive and beautiful and people are different. All of a sudden old and young believe Santa is watching over them and start craming as many good deeds and well wishes as possible into the month.

I have a tendancy to do too much this time of year. I buy way too much for the ones I love. I also have a tendancy to cram as many activities as possible into a single month and 3 weekends! This year, I'm trying to do better.

I have limited my shopping, or tried to at least. We cut back our gift and holiday card list to those that mean the most to us. We have had at least one night a week at home, resting and relaxing.

Christmas is such a special time and this year it is even more special because Kaitlyn enjoys and appreciates so many aspects of it. She LOVES "Santa! Santa" and oohhhes and awwwes at all the lights. I love being a part of such a magical time in her life. I also love that she has Camaryn to share it all with. Things are so much more special when someone in your generation is there to share it with.

My biggest fear the last couple of years is that Christmas will mean more about what's under the tree than the magic of the holiday for Kaitlyn. I want to preserve as many of these good feelings and good times that are unrelated to gifts for her.

My favorite part about Christmas is seeing everyone you love gathered in the same warm and cozy home, sipping hot chocolate, wearing their Sunday best and a little more eager for me to snap their photo. Christmas to me is such a magical time because everyone is together, everyone is filled with love and warm fuzzies.

What does Christmas mean to you? What are your favorite traditions?

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