Monday, May 29, 2006



Kaitlyn's Debut as a Movie Star!!

Kaitlyn made her film debut this morning! She played 3 characters in a short independent film called "Fear of Flight"

The first two roles were both of homeless babies. She played the mirror image of herself in a daydream scene, and a homeless baby of a woman begging for change.

Kaitlyn was made to look dirty with a bit of Hershey's baking coco powder. This is the closest thing to chocolate Kaitlyn has ever had.

Everyone was really impressed with Kaitlyn. She let her "homeless mom" hold her and helped her get money by being really pitiful looking. She stared right into the other character's eyes and did a huge pouty lip. She did the same as the mirror image. Each scene required about 10 takes and she did amazing through each one. Not once did she reach out for Dusty or I or did she fuss. Everyone kept saying she was a director's dream. I overheard her the director saying that "I took one look at her head shot and had to cast her."

The next was the younger sibling of the main character. By this time she was upset and fussed. However, it was ok because the scene benefited from it. She worked her 4 hours and left with a standing ovation about what a natural she was.

Dusty and I were so incredibly proud.

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