Monday, May 1, 2006


We have been so busy!
Friday started at 7:20 am! We went with Auntie Christy and Cami to San Francisco. Kaitlyn had a go-see for the in-store Mervyn's display! Very exciting stuff! She did pretty good. They took her measurements, and just like at home she's 32" tall and 24-25 pounds. The shoot begins next week so we should know rather soon! Hope for the best!

Kaitlyn's agency has wanted her to register with an exclusive casting agent. They are only open Mon, Wed, and Fri and do nearly all the casting for SF and LA commercials. They also casted The Rock and Phenomenon. Kaitlyn registered for them and has already been submitted for 2 commercials being shot in the San Francisco area.

Then came the really fun part, a trip to the San Francisco zoo! I had never been so it was really a treat for me as well. The San Francisco zoo is located on the coast right outside of Daly City. It is HUGE. We didn't even get through 1/4 of it in 5 hours today.

We started with the African Safarri. That is where we saw all the Zebras, Giraffes and Gazelles mingling in the same exhibit. We then saw the huge gorillas!! We saw so many types of birds and African Wild life that it was truly amazing. We got to see so many animals and do so much today. I think the best part was the Children's zoo. It is a part of the zoo especially targeting children. You walk in and go see all of the owls, buzzards, vultures and exotic birds. They are all free so you come within inches of them. Then we hit the jackpot. The most amazing petting zoo I have ever seen! You go in through a gate and in this large area there are so many goats, sheep, ducks, birds and other animals running wild. Kaitlyn loved the goats. After being butted by a sheep she was mad at them. She loved riding the tractors around the farm! She saw baby chicks and ducks and owls that had just hatched that morning. It was the neatest thing!

After that we found the carosel. Kaitlyn did ok. She rode it about half way through when she decided she was done! Cami loved it! Kaitlyn also got to ride the steam train through the zoo! We stayed until close to closing time. Everyone was exhausted. Kaitlyn was sound asleep before we got home and hasn't woken up at all!

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