Sunday, May 7, 2006


Saturday was such a great day!

We got to Kaitlyn's grandma and grandpa's at a little before 9 AM. We were soon followed by Kaitlyn's nana, papa, Auntie Christy, Uncle Dennis and cousin Cami. Auntie Christina and Mackenzie
were already there.

We piled into 2 cars and off we went to San Fransico.

We did hit some traffic, but Kaitlyn was happy as can be watching and holding Elmo.

We arrived at the San Francisco zoo at about 11 AM, and there we met Jamie and Joel. We started by looking at all of the giraffes, zebras, gorillas and other fun animals. The zoo wasn't too packed and we were able to see everything this time! I think everyone had so much fun!

Kaitlyn got to see everything and has soon as we saw the last animal, she fell asleep on Grandma!

We got back into the car and hit a bit of traffic, but got to Grandma and Grandpa's in a couple of hours.

From there, we rested for a couple of minutes before getting into the car and hitting a new Sushi resturaunt downtown.

It was Kaitlyn's first time having sushi and while I thought she would mostly eat rice, she loved it! She really, really loved Tofu and Misso soup. She liked my sushi with tempura shrimp, avacados, and eel! Eel was her favorite part of it! She also ate rice, Teryiaki chicken, tempura veggies.

Then we came home after a long day of fun! Kaitlyn was so happy to see Archie. She kept saying his name over and over while giving him hugs and petting his back. She slept really good!

This morning, Kaitlyn had a new ad out for Mervyn's!

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