Friday, May 5, 2006


What a day, What a day.
This morning began with a 9:00 AM trip to the doctor. Kaitlyn still has that awful cough and occasional runny nose and has had it for 3 1/2 weeks.
Dr. Walsh was filling in for Dr. Chao and recommend X-Rays of the nasal cavity and of the lungs.
This was Kaitlyn's first time getting x-rays and the most dramatic event of her entire life. Kaitlyn was put into a contraption called the piggy seat. It is made of wood and the base comes to about my waist. In the middle there is a whole. In the whole is a "seat" that the child's legs go through. Kaitlyn was sat in it so her feet were dangling. Next plastic body guards are built on the side of where Kaitlyn's body is. They have straps to attach to each other. Kaitlyn had the guards strapped tightly against her body so that she could not move at all and her arms were straight in the air. They then pressed a "holder" for the x-ray film against her nose. She screamed and cried the entire time. They did 4 x-rays like that. Finally we were able to remove her from the awful disgusting seat. Next, she had to lay on the table. She was still screaming. I had to lay her down and then hold her from her shoulders down to keep her from moving. It took 2 large men to then hold her head completely still and back to get the x-ray. This took 2 tries. I have never heard her cry so hard or for so long in my entire life.
The x-rays did reveal that Kaitlyn does have a sinus infection. She is to take antibiotics for the next 10 days. At that time we will return to have her tested for both seasonal allergies and for asthma.
We dropped off her prescription and then went home for lunch and to pack her bag.
At about noon we got into Kaitlyn's nana's car and headed to San Francisco. We went over the Golden Gate bridge and everything this time! We arrived in the most beautiful residential area and entered into the Pottery Barn house. This house is gorgeous. It was completely done in Pottery Barn memorabilia. Kaitlyn got dressed in a cute outfit of pink pants and a white long sleeved onesie embroidered with the name Grace. She put a pink sweater on and her socks and headed up the stairs to meet Dylan, he co-star for the day. After several pictures it was determined Kaitlyn was wearing the wrong pants! Oh no! So, they decided to switch outfits. Kaitlyn was put into a darling pink long sleeve onesie with the name Emma on it and a white peter pan collar. Over it, she wore a very pretty sage green corduroy dress that had a double ruffle at the bottom. Kaitlyn stripped her socks and put a pretty clip in her hair. Then her and Dylan played in the fun nursery Pottery Barn set up. Kaitlyn fell in love with the recliner they had in the room and played in it over and over again!
After that outfit, the photographer decided he had to have Kaitlyn for another outfit. She was on a role. This time she put on a really cute long sleeved white onesie with blue stars on it and a pair of green corduroy overalls! They were all so soft. She then went and played with a beautiful little baby named Ruby. Kaitlyn loved Ruby. She gave her toys, hugged her, waved at her and stared at her. All you could hear from the staff was the snap snap snap of the camera and the awwwwweeee "isn't she sweet" as Kaitlyn played with her.
Kaitlyn got to put her own clothes on then and tell everyone bye-bye. Her hard work will be displayed in the fall Pottery Barn Kid's Catalog! Yay Kaitlyn!
We got in the car and then stopped at the first place we could for some yummy's! Kaitlyn did so good, she got to have french fries, a rare treat, with her dinner. We then had a long, peaceful drive home in traffic.
Kaitlyn came home and played with daddy and Archie before going to bed. Tomorrow promises to be a blast! A day at the San Francisco zoo with her Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, Papa, Auntie Christy, Uncle Dennis, Cousin Cami, Auntie Christina, Mackenzie, Jamie and Joel! We are going to represent 1/2 of the daily guests with a party of 14!!

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