Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Viability Day

Today, I am 24 weeks pregnant with Charlotte.  24 weeks is a HUGE deal to me.

For starters, I've been pregnant 7 times, and of those I've only gotten to 24 weeks without my water breaking twice before.  I've actually only been this pregnant 3 times before.  To reach viability during a pregnancy that has already been plagued by so much uncertainty is just a true blessing. 

24 weeks means that if my water broke today and labor could not be stopped, we would not be asked over and over again if we wanted heroic measures to be taken.  Heroic measures would be taken.  She would have a 50% chance of survival.  And a chance of surviving without life long disabilities.  I would take that any day of the week over the alternative.  With Matthew, I almost felt as though we were being judged for wanting heroic measures taken with him if he were born when my water broke.  As though we were being selfish for wanting what could be uncomfortable or painful procedures done in the hopes he would be part of the small group that survived.  I just couldn't wrap my head around the idea of not giving him every possible chance.

We are having a baby.  Hopefully she will wait another 15 weeks and 3 days.  Hopefully she will be as stubborn about having to leave her cushy home as her sisters were.  Every day is more hope that she will be.

This is a big week.  We had a perinatologist appointment and ultrasound today.  Today's appointment went as good as it possibly could.  My uterus has shifted my placenta out of the way, so the placenta previa has corrected itself.  Woo-Hoo!  Which means I shouldn't have to worry about a hysterectomy at delivery.  There was also no sign of the SCH, which is also good.  And, while my cervix is beginning to go posterior (normal at this stage of pregnancy and as baby grows), it's still a strong 3.8, even when bearing down.

Miss Charlotte likes to hang out really low.  Like, for every single ultrasound (and where I feel her the most) her head is behind my hip bone.  To get my ultrasound today, I had to have the table on full recline where my head was almost touching the ground and my feet facing the ceiling.  She still didn't move.  She's stubborn.  So, we haven't been able to get a single decent or remotely clear image of her face yet.  Considering that Samantha was never low, and always hung out as high as she could, it just goes to show how different pregnancies can be.  The baby is weighing in at 1 lb and 8 oz, which is right on track for her gestational age.

Because of the good results, I get to have some of my restrictions lifted.  I can do more walking, lift up to 20 lbs and travel up to 3 hours away.  I just have to pay attention to my body, look out for contractions and be prepared to rest whenever anything is different.

Tomorrow is an OB appointment followed by an injection.  I should find out my gestational diabetes results tomorrow.  I don't necessarily have a good feeling about the results, but here's hoping that I passed and can continue to pin desserts like crazy on pinterest.

The only thing I have left to get for this little one is her stroller.  I've had such a hard time deciding. I know that I need a double stroller, I still use a stroller for Samantha just about every single day.  Typically, she decides to nap when I go to pick Kaitlyn up from school.  And even when she isn't, she is too fascinated with the little things and with a campus of 800 kids, there are just too many people for me to not either hold her or push her.  I do not expect her to outgrow that in 4 months.  However, I am a big believer in very limited stroller usage after the age of three. 

I went and tested strollers.  I looked at a couple of Gracos, the Chicco, the Bob, the City Select and the Peg Perego.  My problem is, I don't like bulky, I like easy to fold, car seat adaptable, I like lightweight, I like storage space and I like options.  And, I'm on the taller side, since I push it every day, it has to be tall enough for me.  In the end, it left me with the Peg Perego and the City Select by Baby Jogger.  Both are tall enough, both are easy to steer, both are on the lighter side.  But, there is about a $300 difference between the two (after buying all the accessories).  The Peg Perego is a side by side.  While it is narrow, we would probably need to use it for a year or so.  It seemed like a lot of money to spend to use for a year.  The City Select has so many more options, it is a single that converts to a double, that you can add a standing board to and make into a triple, or remove the second seat and make it like a sit and stand.  It just has the most options.  I am 99% sure it's the winner.  And I'm pretty sure what I'm going to do is just get the stroller for now, with the car seat adapter and the brackets for the second seat and use it with the car seat for the first 6-7 months.  If Samantha is still using the stroller at that point, I can get her the second seat and if not, I save the money on it!

Last week, Samantha got to return to the doctor for constipation.  Again.  A month after her disimpaction and colonoscopy.  It became bad when she stopped eating again.  A call to the GI revealed she was way overwhelmed and couldn't book her until JANUARY!  Um, she's not pooping or eating, that's not ok.  So, off to her ped we went.  She has lost 2 lbs since the end of July, which brings her down to 21 lbs.  Which brings her from previously being in the 75% for weight to under 5% for weight.  Ugh.  So, we repeated the X-ray which showed some constipation.  That, earned her a referral to the pediatric GI at UCD.  We're just waiting for an appointment.  In the meantime, I've started giving her the pediatric pedia-lax fiber gummies, pediasure with fiber and continuing with the miralax.  I think she's closer to being cleared out, our goal is to get her to not feel any pain when she's pooping, so she will keep pooping and keep eating.

Samantha's sleep has also been disrupted.  Dusty was out of town last week Monday through Thursday, and I think it messed with her.  Before, it would be hard to get her to sleep, but once she was asleep, she stayed that way.  Not anymore.  Last night, she was up until after 11, after not taking a nap for the day, woke up at 2:30 and stayed up until 5:30.  She's napping now.  Hopefully she gets back to normal soon.

Kaitlyn had her first game on Saturday and did really good.  She didn't whine or complain once about standing and cheering for 2 hours, she gave it her all for most of the time and did a good job.  She has her pictures on Thursday and has been practicing how to give the right amount of attitude while still smiling. 

Hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to some nice fall weather as much as I am!

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