Tuesday, September 11, 2012

25 weeks

If born today, Charlotte would have a 50% chance of survival.  Her eyes can open, her hands can reach, she is able to have memories and find familiarity in voices she hears often and she is fattening up.  She is growing.

And so am I.  As of last week, I was up to 22 lbs in 24 weeks.  Which, really isn't bad.  I typically gain about a pound a week until 36 weeks then stop or even start to lose.  So, that would put me at 34 pounds.  With Kaitlyn I gained 25, with Matthew I gained over 50, with Samantha I gained over 40.  And in post partum, I need all the help with fat retention that I can get.

My symptoms remain mostly the same: heartburn galore, tired, some nausea and then all the basic aches and pains one would expect.  I passed my glucose test (woo-hoo, that was almost a shock to me!) and I passed my anemia screening.  I get my p17 injection tomorrow and then I will only have 9 more after that!!!  (The new train of thought is to stop them at 34 weeks)

On Friday night, I started having some pain and discomfort with a UTI.  I hate UTI's.  I know the risks.  I know with UTI's your risk of preterm labor, pPROM, kidney infection and so on increase.  So, I drank a lot of water and put off going to the ER.  I knew they would transfer me to L&D and I really did not want to go unless I had to.  I had a goal of not going at all until it was time to have her.  I went to bed, woke up a half dozen times to pee and got up early for Kaitlyn's cheer game on Saturday.

Kaitlyn had to be at the field at 10:30.  They combined the Junior Pee Wee and Pee Wee teams to make it easier for them to compete as one team in competitions.  But, the football teams are obviously still separate and still need to be cheered for.  So, the goal is for them to cheer for the second half of the Jr Pee Wee game, the first half of the Pee Wee game and both half times.

They practice before the games and get "ready."  Do you know what it means when the game runs late starting?  Or in between runs late?  It means that your little girl who hates being hot is stuck out on black tar, in a black uniform sweating until 2:30 in the afternoon.  It means that her mom and sister are out in blazing hot stands cheering her on as the burning hot sun reflects off the metal stands for four hours.  We were joined for a while by her grandma, aunt, nana, another aunt, uncle and cousin.  But, I don't blame them for wanting to escape the sun, and I was frustrated with myself for not bringing an umbrella.  And mister.  Samantha did have her big cousin teach her all the wonders of a snow cone though.

Kaitlyn lasted most of it being brave.  By the second half of the first quarter of the second game, she couldn't do it anymore.  She got a headache, a nosebleed and burst into tears.  After a couple bottles of ice cold water, she recovered and joined her team.

After, we had smoothies.  And air conditioning.  And never wanted to leave the house.  Although we did for a birthday party!

And the UTI symptoms continued and started to worsen.  But, by the time we got home, it was well after 8.  And I didn't want to go and sit in the ER or L&D.  And I was worried I would be too sleepy to drive home.  So, I waited. 

Sunday morning, it was worse.  I woke up, got Kaitlyn breakfast as Samantha slept, took a shower and took a drive.  I was so glad that the ER only had 2 people in it.  Anyone that's been to this ER knows that is a rarity.  I asked the front desk if I should be seen there or L&D.  She said for a UTI, I would be seen there.

Within moments, I was in triage.  Where they told me I had a history of premature delivery and had to have a UTI treated in L&D.  UGH!  And that I couldn't just walk up there.  They had to call L&D and they had to come "get" me.  With a wheelchair.  Double Ugh.

So, I was seated in the hallway outside of the triage, right outside of the ER rooms while they called up.  While they were calling, the nurse from triage came busting through the door in a panic.  There was a woman who didn't know she was pregnant in active labor.

Um.  What?  It was a real life version of "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant."  Within moments a larger woman was being pushed through in a wheelchair followed by two other women.  She was older.  I think.  And the friends smelled really strongly of cigarette smoke.  Yuck.  Yuck. 

They took her into the room right next to me.  She was crying hysterically.  My heart broke for her.  She was in so much pain, she didn't know she was pregnant, she had no prenatal care, has two other children born by cesarean and has been drinking, smoking and doing drugs through this pregnancy. The staff still didn't believe she was pregnant.  Then, they checked her.  She was 5 cm dilated.  She was having a baby.  They could feel the baby up high, but could not pick up on fetal heart tones on their doppler.  It didn't seem like they checked long before rushing her up to L&D.  Which they got lost on the way too since I left long after her and arrived at least 3-4 minutes before.  I prayed and prayed so hard for that poor little baby.  I prayed that despite it all, it was healthy, it was full term and it had a chance at a good life.

I went through the fun of L&D, being monitored (just slight contractions without a pattern), a urine sample and all of that good stuff.  The bright and shining star was my nurse.  Amy.  Amy and Priscilla were my main nurses when I was there forever with Matthew.  She didn't recognize me until I told her who I was.  She said I looked older, more mature and less like a little girl.  She showed me the picture of Matthew that is still in their break room.  She told me that she still thought of us often and it broke her heart to know that despite all we went through we still lost him.  When I told her about Samantha, she said had goosebumps.  She wants our doctor to let her know when we officially schedule Charlotte so she can be there.  And possibly Priscilla.  It meant a lot.

After about 5 hours of being monitored, I went home with instructions to call my doctor for meds.  The infection was so small, the on call doctor didn't feel comfortable prescribing anything when we could likely flush it out with a lot of water and juice.

I rarely leave Samantha alone, so when I got home, that kid ran up to me like I was Santa (who she recognizes now!) on Christmas.

Last week was crazy.  Filled with so much creating, designing, printing, cutting, delivery, doctor's appointments, going to the movies with the girls (we finally saw Brave, girls loved it!), sewing, sewing, pinning, practices and falling so behind on everything else.  So far, this week has been making up for it.

I absolutely love being an aunt.  One of my favorite niece's is having a birthday tomorrow, and after struggling with finding the perfect gift, I think I may have come up with it.  Check me out next week for a tutorial of something now Kaitlyn is begging for.

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