Tuesday, September 18, 2012

26 Weeks

Today was utterly exhausting.  EXHAUSTING.

I decided to bring in all of Samantha's clothes that she's outgrown and sort what we're going to keep for Charlotte and what we're not.  I brought in a lot of bins.  There are 2 more not pictured and 1 more bin of baby "things" in the shed to go through.

I was determined to not only clear out at least half of Samantha's closet, but also half of the tall dresser. 

Samantha's closet has a kit in there with three racks.  I put Samantha's in the top and the bottom since we also have the dresser in there to save room space.  Charlotte is going to get the middle rack for now. 

The dresser has 5 drawers.  They are going to share the top one, which is hats, socks and bibs.  Then, they each get two.

I went through all those clothes and am SOO exhausted from it.  I weeded it out by half.  Now, the newborn and 0-3 month clothes are in the dryer and the washer.  There is a bin for 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months and 24+ month clothes.  I also went through Kaitlyn's winter clothes to divide what will fit and what won't. 

Tomorrow I want to finish all the clothes.  I'm not planning on finishing it up though.  It took several more hours than I had planned on so far.  I also need to get the shoes put away, bring in the swaddling blankets and burp rags and find a home for them.  I am going to make a space in their room for dress up clothes, so I may take a break and head to Home Depot too...

In between all of that, I had my bi-weekly appointment with the perinatologist.  It was frustrating. 

They ran late.  Which, I only recently started hating because my bladder seems to have decreased in size by at least half.  Every other appointment is just a "check" up on baby and a cervix check.  The others do all the measurements, blood flow and that good stuff.  This was a "check" up on baby appointment. 

The first part of the appointment went rather quickly.  Charlotte looked good, cooperated and hated the ultrasound probe.  I got to see her for a minute in 3D, but for some reason the tech didn't print a picture.  I discovered that one of the reasons we have problems getting clear pictures of her face is because she insists on using the placenta as a pillow.... 

She then checked my cervix.  She measured it at 2.1 cm.  Normal cervical length at this point of pregnancy is 3.5 - 4 cm.  Last appointment I was at 3.8 cm.  2.1 would be not good.  She brushed it off and then spent about 45 minutes looking at her heart.  The first 5 minutes were like a normal ultrasound, then she switched to a fetal echocardiogram for nearly 40 minutes.  At least 3 times I asked her if everything was normal and she just nodded.  Her supervisor came in next.  She asked what my cervix was last time and then did that part herself.  She measured it at 3.45.  She then taught the tech how to properly do it.  I asked her if everything looked ok with her heart, you know, since she spent so much time on it.  She said everything looked fine and the tech was new and just wanted to practice on a sleeping baby.  Um.  Shouldn't you ask first, or enlighten the patient, who is likely hormonal, overly sensitive, paranoid and incredibly fearful of anything being wrong?

Throw in pick up and drop offs for school, cheer practice, dinner, Samantha teething and Dusty having a migraine and I'm ready for bed...

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