Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Christmas Card Season

I love the holidays.  I think there is something magical about Christmas time, it's almost like the air changes just because you know Christmas is on it's way.  Everything means so much more, you're more emotional, you get teary-eyed much easier, you are surrounded by family and friends and have the opportunity to reconnect with those you may not have had in your life as much as you'd like the past year.  And going to the mailbox enjoys so much more than just going to get bills.  You're going to go to the mailbox and start seeing pretty envelopes filled with beautiful Christmas cards, and many will have photos of gorgeous families and friends that you love, many others will have newsletters to tell us how everyone has been over the past year.

I love Christmas cards and Christmas.  Christmas cards are so magical, they bring out so much joy, so much happiness and somehow manage to capture a years worth of feelings and experiences in just one piece of printed paper.

Shutterfly has some amazing card designs this year.  I really like their photo card designs.  I love the countless options you are given with photos, colors, text and design.  The options are endless and so beautiful.  I've received shutterfly cards before, both for my birthday, invitations and Christmas Cards and they are of really good quality, really thick with beautiful colors.

While I was on their site, I also fell in love with their calendar designs!  I'm really torn on doing those or photobooks this year...

Shutterfly is offering a promotion to bloggers right now, if you blog about shutterfly, you will be given the opportunity to get 50 FREE photo cards!

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Monkey said...

First off, please forgive my rudeness. Samantha is absolutely beautiful, so....Congratulations!

Second...why the heck didn't I bother to check Shutterfly before ordering my Christmas cards from Snapfish last night?!?! Grrr.