Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We got Robbed :(

And not in a figurative, fun kind of way either. We seriously got robbed.

In December we had to move. We're kinda picky so we put everything we owned into a 10x30 storage unit. We've been staying with my parents while our belongings climbed to the roof of the storage unit. In March, we got a second unit for some miscellaneous things and things have been fine there.

On Thursday, we got a call that our lock was cut. We were thankful it was on the misc. unit and while everything was rummaged through, we couldn't tell if anything was missing.

Yesterday afternoon, we got a call that our big unit had the locks cut. She said it appeared nothing had been taken so we waited for Dusty to get off work and headed over there.

We opened it and immediately could tell it had been cleaned out. So far we've been able to notice the following missing:

Matthew's Crib. We're pretty sure it was destroyed since it was probably in the way of the good stuff. Dusty found a broken screw on the ground :(

All 3 computers, their monitors, and all accessories
a TV
Kaitlyn's Princess Jalopy Pedal Car
All of Kaitlyn's Barbies and Barbie Accessories
Kaitlyn's play kitchen
Our wedding Pictures
All our Albums
All of Dusty's autographed cards (rookie Barry Bonds, rookie Jordan, dozens of mint condition cards)
Our surround sound
Our rear projector
All of Kaitlyn's "sentimental" clothes
All of my clothes
My shoes, purses, belts

And a ton of other miscellaneous stuff.

I do not and will not ever understand how it is that someone can think it's ok just to take from another. It is absolutely disgusting. It is DISGUSTING to steal from another.

CSI was able to find a palm print so hopefully it will match something in their system. I have to go through our other unit now and see if anything is missing :(

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