Monday, September 1, 2008

A year ago Today


A year ago today was such a happy day. Dusty and I got ready with Kaitlyn and headed to the NICU for the last time. We had the car seat base installed, a bag packed another bag for all of the things Matthew had at the NICU and the excitement that he would be home with us!

To say we were all excited to bring Matthew home to his own nursery and his own bed and our family is an understatement. It felt like it took forever to get there and was so exciting.

Dusty and I took a sleeping Kaitlyn into the required CPR class, practicing over and over with the thoughts that we would never need it. We were on the path now to a long, healthy and happy life with both of our children.

We had our papers signed off that the class was completed. We signed all of Matthew's discharge papers. We were given so much information, so many lists and so much hope from one of Matthew's greatest nurses. Daddy and Kaitlyn went to pull the car around and get the AC on. Matthew's car seat was installed. The nurse walked down with Matthew and I walked down with her.

Matthew came home at an actual age of 27 days and an adjusted age of about 37 weeks gestation. He came home nearly 3 weeks earlier than anyone thought he would. Matthew came home and ate and slept and made the absolute cutest noises in the entire world. The feeling of being able to hold him, cuddle him, kiss him, feed him, change him and be near him whenever he wanted and we wanted was amazing.

We learned Matthew hated his car seat and loved to cuddle. We learned how much Matthew loved to eat. We learned how strong the sibling bond was between Kaitlyn and Matthew. Our home grew, our hearts grew and our lives were finally regaining some normalcy.

We miss you Matthew.

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