Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Matthew's Birthday


Today ends the aniversary of Matthew's frist day here on this Earth with his family who loved him. It was the first of 70 days that we were blessed to hold him, kisss him and know him.

Today we went to the cemetery and put down new sod. It was a lot of work and I was very thankful to have Dusty there with me :) Thank you so much to everyone who went to the cemetery today to leave Matthew Birthday goodies. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for the bubbles and balloon, thank you Auntie Christina and Uncle Brian for the bubbles and balloon, thank you to Hope for the pretty flowers and balloon and thank you to Beau for the pretty flowers and balloon, (thanks also to their mommy and daddy for taking them). Thank you to everyone for Matthew's birthday wishes, thoughts and prayers.

Happy Birthday Matthew!! There is absolutely nothing we wouldn't do or give to have you here with us to celebrate this special day. It's amazing to know that one year and 4 hours have passed since you came into our world in such a grand way and stole our hearts. We are so proud of you for being so strong and so brave during the time you were with us. You are the cutest and sweetest little boy we have ever saw and the joy and love you brought us could never be measured. While we unselfishly wish you were here, we know you are in an amazing world celebrating your special day. Our endless love is with you always.

You would have turned 1 today,

if you were still here.
Although you are so far away,
our hearts have kept you near.

Your time here was a blessing,
that we treasure every day.
We take every chance in expressing,
our undying love for you.

We send our love to you,
from all our hearts to yours.
Just think, a birthday spent in Heaven,
means you'll spend it with The Lord.

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