Thursday, August 7, 2008

4 years ago today

In the hot August Sun, with sweat dripping from our bodies, in front of some of the most amazing and wonderful people in the world, Dusty and I, very quickly exchanged the vows that would bond us together for a lifetime.

Despite a few rumors, I didn't "make" Dusty marry me because I was pregnant ;P After 5 years and 3 months to the day of becomming an "official" couple, Dusty and I got married for the simpliest of reasons, we wanted to. We were in love and desired nothing more than to spend the rest of our days together.

While we have had more than our share of heartache and hard times, we've remained best friends who are happily married. We both have the same sense of humor and complete eachother.

If I went back in time today, knowing all that we would have endured over the past 4 years or even the past year, I would still go with Dusty to the prom. I have absolutely no doubt that we'll make it. I know that if we can "survive" what we have this past year and a half, we can easily surpass any challenges life throws at us.

To celebrate we went and saw Pineapple Express, very funny movie :P

Thanks to everyone for the Happy Anniversary Wishes :)

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