Saturday, August 9, 2008

Thank you to Everyone that Participated


Thank you so much to everyone who participated in today's balloon release for Matthew's birthday. It was amazing to see so many balloon soar and have so many people to celebrate such a short and wonderful life.

It was a beautiful day. Dusty and I got to the cemetery at about 9 and started decorating. We set up a table with pictures, put out the favors (bubbles with personalized tags, hershey kisses with personalized seals, and poems), and started in on the balloons. Dusty was a huge help and an absolute champ with the balloons!

We had beautiful cupcakes from Sweet Cakes and a lovely candle made in Old Sacramento. There was a great turn out! Thank you so much to all of our friends and family who ventured out in the heat, we had over 55 people out there. Kaitlyn was great at getting everyone together and counting for everyone to let go of their balloon. After yummy cupcakes, we started to pack things up, water the sod and head out. We made last minute lunch plans and ate delicious food at Hanger 17 with our closest family.

I should have most of the pictures within a week! Please send me the ones you took so I can share :) Thank you so much to everyone who has already shared their pictures! I didn't take any with my camera since I wanted to be an active participant :

I have plenty more bubbles if anyone would like me to send one :)

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