Wednesday, April 4, 2007


There are many things about having a child that are incredibly difficult. You rarely have a moment to yourself, you are up through the night quite often, you have to completely care for another person, you have back aches from lugging around a 30 pound toddler, you get to hear some whining, some screaming, some crying all because the Sponge Bob movie is over, you work incredibly hard to be a good mom.

But, being a mom has so many rewards! All of the hard work in the world is worth Kaitlyn calling me mommy. Everything is worth Kaitlyn giving me kisses and saying "wuv you" and hearing her giggle when she thinks she is going to tickle me. Those are joys I get to experiance every day!!

In addition to that, we get to help her explore the big world around us. We get to help her feed giraffe's, ride elephants, see new animals, ride on amusement park rides and enjoy so many new experiances. I wouldn't miss out on those for anything in the whole world! They are pure magic.

This year we get to introduce Kaitlyn to so many of her favorite characters! After Labor Day, Kaitlyn gets to meet Thomas the Train and all of his friends!! In mid-June or Early July Kaitlyn gets to meet Sponge Bob!! She's going to love that!! And, it looks like we just might be heading to Disneyland at the end of August where Kaitlyn can meet all her favorites: Dumbo, The Little Mermaid, lady and the Tramp, Monsters and even Nemo will be there!! I am so excited!!

My point is, Kaitlyn can be a lot of work, but the fun of toddlerhood and the magic on a child's face makes it all worth while.

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