Thursday, April 5, 2007


I've been busy, busy! Let me tell ya, Kaitlyn is definatly becoming her own person. She knows what she wants, when she wants it and it doesn't matter why! She is happily occupying much more of my time.

I have gained 10 pounds so far in my first 11 weeks and 1 day of pregnancy. For the first part of the day, I'm starving. I eat a whole meal every 2 hours. For the late afternoon and evening though I've been sick. And exhausted. It's pretty miserable and I feel terrible since I'm pretty useless to Dusty and Kaitlyn. I make dinner and then I usually eat something small and head to bed.

We went shopping for a new car yesterday. It was unpleasant to say the least. Rude dealers, hot sun, cranky toddler. Mix those up and you get a migraine. One that still hasn't gone away.

I had Kaitlyn's St. Patty's day pics done this weekend. The outfit is probably one of my favorites that I've ever made. I'm really proud of it. I ordered her Easter Dress today and hopefully it'll be here soon. I want to have her pics done on March 24, so they get back just in time for Easter Cards. Keep your fingers crossed!

Work is going ok. I'm just about rid of one crazy and nearly rid of the other. Once that's complete it should be easy street. Well, once that's complete and I get these units rented (If anyones looking for a 1 bedroom for $595 or a spacious 2 bedroom for $735-$775 let me know)

I am looking forward to this trimester being over and getting some energy back. I'd really like to take Kaitlyn to Marine World this month! Hopefully that'll happen if we are all feeling good!

How is everyone doing?

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