Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day

This week, we celebrated Valentine's day in our home.  As I'm sure most people did across the country.  We typically keep it pretty simple. There are not any lavish and expensive gifts, no fancy dinners or baby sitters.  It's more of a time to write out mushy cards, share our love with friends and to do cutesy things with the girls.

Dusty is great about holidays.  He surprises us every year with nearly the same idea.  After we're in bed, he plays cupid and we get to wake up to flowers, cards and our favorite candies.  This year, Samantha woke up to a balloon as well.  She loved it.  She screamed "Candy! Candy!" all day, thinking it would get her another piece.  She told everyone she saw "Happy Valentine's Day!" and while she may not have "gotten" what it was, it meant she got candy and that was good enough for her.

The days leading up to Valentine's Day, I had told Kaitlyn that has soon as her room was cleaned we could work on assembling her Valentine's Day cards.  Yeah, that didn't happen.  And while I really wanted to stick to my guns, and normally do, I didn't want to ruin the holiday.  The night before, we went to Walmart to pick up candy to put on her Valentine's and something to take to school for their second trimester birthday party.  Yeah, they were sold out of nearly everything.  The candy and Valentine's that should have lined the aisles had been replaced with Easter candy and bunny rabbit toys.  The aisles were also filled with annoyed parents who had also waited until the last moment.

Eventually, we found some fun dips, picked up the pictures and picked out the goodies for the goody bags Kaitlyn would create for her class to celebrate her birthday.

Kaitlyn's evening continued with the joyful attitude of an 8 year old and the disastrous room of a pre-pre-teen.  It did not make for a fun night, or time to work on the Valentine's together.

After seeing our surprises from Daddy in the morning, I took Kaitlyn to school and then came home to work on her Valentine's and goody bags.  Here are the girls Valentine's:

Samantha has been carrying hers around for days.  Once I finished the Valentine's day cards, I worked on goody bags:

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Once we finished, we picked up some lunch to eat with daddy before heading to Kaitlyn's school for their party.  I thought Samantha would be jealous that they would all be eating goodies and she would be left out.  She was there for seconds before the boys (and a few girls) were lined up shoveling candy and goodies at her.

After the party, it was time to go home, cook up some turkey bacon burgers and watch some TV before bedtime.

Valentine's was a good one.  I think part of it is because there isn't a lot of pressure on it.  We say "I Love You", give hugs and kisses, and do nice things for each other every day.  Sure we have some yelling, some arguments and discipline, but at the end of the day, we don't go to bed angry, lines of communication are left open and we try to make each other happy.  I hope your love day was just as lovely.

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