Sunday, February 24, 2013

President's Week

For the last few school breaks, we haven't done much.  Which isn't my style really.

For summer vacation, I was so sick with pregnancy I had absolutely no energy.  It took everything I had to just do the basics.  Yes, we went to Washington D.C., but I didn't participate in too much.  I just wanted to throw up.  Or, not want to throw up.

For Thanksgiving break, I was so pregnant I was exhausted.  Again, the energy wasn't there and I had doctor's appointments, Thanksgiving and trying to get everything done before the baby came.

For Winter break, I had a baby.  Yeah, that pretty much made going out and doing things not impossible.

So, for President's week, I wanted it to be fun.  I wanted it to be action packed.  I wanted everyone to come home so tired everyday bed time was a breeze and we could easily stay in our routine.

On Monday, Samantha had her first dentist appointment and Kaitlyn had her 6 month check up.  Samantha did absolutely amazing.  I was shocked.  I thought for sure she would be held on my lap, three of us trying to get her to open her mouth and bribes galore.  I braced myself for this.  Nope, she walked into the toddler treatment room, got up on the regular dentist chair, laid back and said "Where's doctor?"  He came in, she opened her mouth and let him check all of her gums, her bite, her tongue and poke each and every tooth.  Then, she let the dental hygienist clean each and every single tooth.  She did amazing.  The hygienist said she's never had someone so young be so patient.  Neither had cavities, both had fluoride treatments and both walked out with far too many goodies.  That was the extent of our "outside of the house" fun.

On Tuesday, Charlotte turned 2 months and had her 2 month check up.  With injections.  She was not a fan.  Samantha was not a fan of not being home.  That kid just loves being home with her stuff on her schedule.  After the appointment we battled the rain to get in the car and went to Chuck E. Cheese.  We used to have so many play dates there when Kaitlyn was little, but Samantha has only been once, on Kaitlyn's 7th birthday.  It was a zoo!!  There was a daycare fieldtrip there with far too many kids and far too few adults.  But, the girls had fun (except when I dared to ask for a picture together...), Samantha made a new friend on the slide, and we managed to leave when there was a break in the weather.

On Wednesday, we headed to the zoo with some good friends.  Kaitlyn was so glad to see her cousin Carmen, and Samantha was thrilled to have Hudson and Isabella to keep her company.  I was thrilled for the company of other adults with Jamie and Cynthia.  We saw everything, the weather was so pretty, they played on the playground and fell asleep the second we got home! 

On Thursday, we started out early again and went to pick up Camaryn for our day of fun!  Together, we headed to Fairfield for my first trip to the Jelly Belly Factory.  If I thought Samantha was happy at Disneyland, I don't even know how I would describe her joy with being surrounded by so much candy!  The girls were SO good.  Kaitlyn ate a rotten egg jelly belly and Camaryn a toothpaste flavored one.  They ate a ton of sugar and we finished up with drinks in the cafe. 

After the jelly belly factory, we took Dusty some lunch before we headed to the mall to have Charlotte's ears pierced.  She cried for a minute, but quickly got over it with some nursing.  The placement is great, but I'm so disappointed that the employee used the wrong earrings.  We confirmed at least a half dozen times that I wanted to use white gold and somehow she used yellow.  Ugh!  I would have probably let it go if she would have been the tiniest bit apologetic.  She wasn't.  Even when I expressed my absolute disdain for yellow gold.  But, what can you do?

We followed up with dinner at Dusty's parents and then a sleepover at our house with Camaryn.  Kaitlyn was asleep within 30 minutes of us getting home, Camaryn not so much.  We stayed up far too late watching cartoons...

Friday was an errand running kind of day. Dusty came home early and we hit Costco, Sportsman's Warehouse, the bank and on and on.  It had been such a busy week that Kaitlyn was out cold by 6:00 PM.  Samantha even went to sleep at a decent hour.

Saturday was birthday party day.  At least, I thought it was.  We had a one year old birthday party for a family friend and Kaitlyn's friend was celebrating her 9th birthday.  Or, so I thought.  I totally mixed up the days, and she ended up going fishing with them and having a blast.  We celebrated little Liam's birthday, went to JoAnn's Fabrics to pick up some things for my sister's baby shower (I have mentioned that I am getting a nephew in 7 weeks!) and then came home.

Today, Kaitlyn went to the birthday party for her friend for real this time.  We had Sunday dinner with my parents and celebrated my sisters birthday.

It was a good week.  Although, I do think Django Unchained maybe should have won best movie....

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