Monday, February 18, 2013


Never-ending has been the theme for the past week or so. 

Since Charlotte has been born, I've kept "up" with the house, but haven't really cleaned.  Laundry is done, dishes are washed, toys are picked up and everything is vacuumed.  But, that's about it. 

On Friday, I decided enough was enough.  It was time to clean.  Anytime Charlotte would let me put her down, I would dust, scrub, de-grease, mop, sweep, bleach and clean.  I normally do all the laundry every morning, but it's been quite a while since I went to bed with the only things dirty or not put away are the clothes we're sleeping in.  I wanted to get there.

Every time I was close, someone would spit up on something, pee on something or finger paint with poo on something.  Samantha decided that she wanted to go on the potty for the day instead of the diaper.  I closed all the doors so she was trapped in the front part of the house.  I had a long, and I mean loooooong talk about where we go potty.  She repeated it back to me, showed me where her potty chair was and told me that was where she would go pee pee or poo poo.  I took off her diaper, she ran straight to the little recliner in the playroom, sat on it and peed.  I strapped that diaper back on so quick...

By the time Dusty got home on Friday the house was nearly spotless.  We left to have dinner at his parents and came back past everyone's bed time.

On Saturday morning, I took Dusty to do some work on a co-worker's house and came home to encourage Kaitlyn to clean her room.  While she was supposed to be cleaning, I finished.  All the laundry was done, everything was dusted, every surface from top to bottom had been scrubbed.  I was happy.  It felt great.  I also didn't want to cook dinner, walk from outside to in or do anything to mess it up, but that was pointless.  As I'm sure you can imagine with three kids at home, it didn't stay perfect for long.

Sunday morning, I realized how happy Charlotte is to be sitting upright.  Since she obviously cannot do that on her own yet, I decided it was time to go out to the shed to bring in both bouncer chairs and discover which she liked better and wash it all up.

They were both covered in mold.  During our one storm this winter, our shed leaked and mold got on the roof.  Dusty had treated it all, but hadn't yet had the opportunity to bring everything out and replace the shelving.  I was heartbroken, but decided to wash it all anyways, then treat it, then wash it again and hope that it was perfectly clean.  Since we had plans Sunday morning, I was running late.  I HATE running late.

After I put the bouncer covers in the washing machine, we went shopping and planning for my sister's baby shower!  I took the two littlest to the mall after, waiting for Dusty to get done working while Kaitlyn went with her grandma.  Samantha enjoyed her some ice cream, and I did a lot of people watching.  After, I picked up Dusty and went to my parents' for Sunday dinner.  We got home late, put the girls to bed, watched a little TV and went to sleep.

This morning, I put a load in the washer and went to take the load out of the dryer.  A nail polish had made it's way into the washer.  A bright red, chip resistant nail polish.  The dryer consisted of one pair of my pants (which brings me down to 3 that actually fit, which is a whole other blog post), one of my favorite blankets for Charlotte, a sweater of Kaitlyn's, Samantha's minnie mouse and some towels.  I don't really care about the towels, the jeans made me sad- but knowing they are maternity and I really want to be in "normal" jeans anyways made it better, the blanket saddens me and so do the two other things.  I attempted to get the stains out with fingernail polish.  It was working ok until I accidentally dumped the entire bottle on my top.  I sprayed the rest of the stains with stain remover and when to change.  As I walked by Samantha's room, I noticed that Kaitlyn did not put up her tube of toothpaste like she had said.  I knew this because it was rubbed into Samantha's carpet, hair, and on her jammies...

After I changed, it was bath time, during which time, Samantha managed to dump an inch of water onto the ground, Charlotte woke up from her nap, Dusty woke up with a migraine and Kaitlyn decided to use her ipod to "like" every single picture she can find on facebook and instagram.

Soon, we will leave for Samantha's first dentist appointment.  Here's hoping that things slow down after that!

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