Friday, February 1, 2013

Six Weeks Old

This week, Charlotte is 6 weeks old.  I'm 6 weeks into recovery from the cesarean and life is getting closer to normal every day.

Charlotte is doing great.  She's growing like crazy.  I weighed her at 10 lbs 2 oz and 23 inches long.  She is SO long.  Like ridiculously long.  She no longer looks like a newborn.  She looks like a baby.  She has so many different expressions, most involve her eyebrows moving in one weird way or another.  She's also officially our only baby with an "outie" for a belly button.

This week, I scored an awesome new k'tan baby carrier for a great price.  Charlotte and I are learning together.  With her length (and strength) kangaroo carry is a little difficult.  We've tried the hug carry too, but after an hour or so, she was way over it.

Charlotte is starting to have more time awake.  I try to do as much tummy time as possible, but she is usually determined to end it.  A few times she's rolled over from her belly to her back, which scares he heck out of her.  And once she's rolled over from her back to her belly, which scares the heck out of me.  Kaitlyn and Samantha were both over 3 months old when they showed any desire to roll over, so this is new for us.

She is also starting to lose her hair more.  The back and top just pouf out and the front is now looking more like a bald baby.  Dusty says it looks like she's wearing a wig for a "mafioso" costume.

When Matthew was home, Kaitlyn always wanted to hold him.  I regret that I was so hesitant in letting her as frequently as she wanted.  I was scared of her germs.  I was scared that she would drop him (even if I was right there, holding him too), I was scared of him getting hurt, him screaming, his O2 stats dropping, his getting fussy, or just not ready to let go of him.   She did get to hold him and lay with him a few times, but I wish we would have crammed more times in for her to hold him while he was here.

Because of that, anytime the girls ask to hold Charlotte, I give in.  With Kaitlyn, it's usually twice a day; once before school and once before bed.  Neither time for very long.  She is great at getting her to stop crying if she is in her car seat or the rock and sleep in the living room.  Samantha on the other hand, wants to hold her constantly.  Several times a day she'll run up to me, her hands stretched out and ask in her soft sweet voice "hug her?"  When I say yes, she jumps on the couch, arms out and ready.  Every single time, she does the exact same thing, she looks at her and says "Awww, 'ittle baby sooooo cute!" and kiss her, or try and blink her eyes against hers, or try and get her to lick her cheek.  You know, because to a 6 week old, anything that feels like skin just might release milk if you try...

To Samantha, she's one of the greatest things in the world, right up there with big sissy, chocolate milk and monsters.  She wants to help her stop crying, thinks nursing is gross and is the biggest paci thief I've ever met.

Samantha was a great sleeper, for about a week.  For a week, she would go to sleep at 8:30 and wake up at 8.  She would sleep through the night, she would wake up refreshed, she wouldn't nap and she'd be mostly happy.  Then, her body adjusted to it.  Even without naps, she started staying up later and later, until we were back to her staying up until midnight or 1 am.  Without a nap or a break all day.  I started letting her nap again.  I figured, if she's going to stay up that late anyways, I might as well have her be happy during the evening hours and not so crabby.  She has some new molars in the back.  I can verify the bottom two, but she will not let me see well enough to check the top.

She's as mischievousness as always.  This week she's emptied a bottle of shampoo, a tube of toothpaste and decorated her room with macaroni and cheese.  This girl is not above going through the garbage for a chance to get into something.  Her language is impressive.   Her manners are excellent, always saying please and thank you.  She is quickly learning when to say Sorry as well.  She has started saying "No Way Jose" quite often, and mimicking every single thing she hears.

Kaitlyn is quickly entering her "I want to make everything three times harder than it has to be" stage.  Oh how I hope it's a stage.  She goes back and forth between rolling her eyes while stomping her feet and demanding to get her way to being sweet as can be a moment later.  If the teenage years are any worse than this, I'm scared.

She's doing great in school.  Above grade level in academics and quickly mastering long division.  Even after I took her calculator away.  She actually tried to convince me that using a calculator makes you learn more.  Once you see the answer, you know it forever.  Yeah, I didn't buy it either.  She wants to do everything like her daddy.  She wants to eat lemons for breakfast and follow it up with cabbage salad for lunch.  She's a proud member of the 21 club at school and is determined to be a famous actress and singer.  Or work at Target because they get discounts on toys and DVDs.  Most days she's nearly late for school because she insists she has to wear gloss, only she isn't allowed to, and rushes into the bathroom and comes out to say that her lips always look like that.  Yes, they always look pink and super glossy.  I must be crazy to think it's gloss.  This is what she tries to convince me of while rolling her eyes and stomping those feet of hers.

I'm doing well.  Adjusting to sleeping in 3-5 hour shifts and then functioning the next day.  I'm looking forward to going back to cloth diapers in about a week and a half.  I only have 18 more pounds to go to get to my pre-pregnancy weight.  Which, I can't wait to get to because I am so sick of maternity jeans.  My incision is still pretty tender, but I'm ok with it most of the time.  I've finally lost enough of the pregnancy weight where I can wear my wedding rings again.  I have my big check-up on Monday, so fingers are crossed everything has healed correctly!

Right now, we're gearing up for our trip to Disneyland, working on ideas for Valentine's day, planning our March for Babies fundraisers and wondering how time is able to pass so darn quickly!

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