Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lets Talk Potty Training

Kaitlyn potty trained on her third birthday.  Far later than I wanted her too, but she didn't start showing signs of being ready until about 2 1/2, and that was about the time I was hospitalized for the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy with Matthew.  Then, the roller coaster of the NICU, and the adjustments of bringing him home, and then his passing all made it too much to throw potty training in as well.  The plus side of waiting so long was that she was trained in about a day.  She had to choose, diapers or a birthday party, since her birthday party included ponies she gave up the diapers.

Samantha is only a few days away from being 14 months old.  But, she tells us when she "poo poos" and asks for a diaper many times when she's wet, and when she's ready to be changed, she'll walk you to her changing table.  Of course, once there the possibility of her running from you and thrashing during a diaper training is pretty high.  But, she obviously does not like the feel of damp cloth against her (score 1 for cloth and 0 for disposable!) and knows that when it's yucky it's time to be clean.

She's fascinated with toilets.  I mean fascinated.  If doors aren't closed and lids aren't put down every single time you're going to find her elbow deep in the "fun" water of the toilet.  She received a gift card for Christmas and one of the things "she" bought with it was a fun baby potty with her own toilet paper holder and all.  But, she has no interest in it.  Well, that's not entirely true.  She takes a lot of interest in me yelling at Kaitlyn to please get off the toilet and reminding her that she is 7!! years old and does not need a baby potty that forces her knees into her chin, but I digress.

Tell me about your potty experiences.  How did you start potty training?  What was the age?  Were you using cloth or disposable before?  If you're a cloth user did you switch to training cloth or just stick to the same diapers you were using?

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