Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The upside and downside of a 6 year age difference...

To the random passer-byer, the checkout lady at the grocery store, the sales woman at Justice, the waiter at Red Lobster or the random stranger in Walmart, we have 2 kids, they are girls and they are 6 years apart.  Having two kids 6 years apart has it's challenges that I do think would be so different if Matthew was alive and running around like the active 4 year old I know he would have been.

Kaitlyn being 6 years older than Samantha is awesome for so much.  She is incredibly helpful, can play with her, entertain her, I can trust her to sit with her while I get the mail or throw clothes in the washer.  She can put socks on her, get a hair brush and really, Kaitlyn can just about get herself ready for the day every day.  And while they are obviously going to like way different things, Kaitlyn is perfectly satisfied to play baby with toys with her.

When Kaitlyn was younger, I loved when all the kids went back to school and we could go to a nearly empty zoo, park, mall, fairytale town and so on.  I hate going on weekends and the summer.  It's hot.  It's crowded.  People are rude and you have to almost battle for your teeny little kid to have a turn.

I want to take Samantha to the zoo, but I don't want to take her on the weekend.  And I feel bad that Kaitlyn will be at school and miss out on something she loves.

While Kaitlyn being at school ensures lots of 1 on 1 time with Samantha, it's also different, she won't see San Francisco on a random weekday when traffic is light, she probably won't go to the zoo or fairytale town as much, and our by our-self time will end at 2:30 with our wait in the pick up line.  But, she'll grow up with one entertaining and loving big sister.

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