Thursday, September 1, 2011

Guest Blogging!

Chicks In Crisis is an organization in our community with a simple goal, Love, Home and Family for Every child.

Think about that for just a moment.  Love, home and family for every child.  Sometimes, it's the opposite of what we're thinking about when we're so desperately wanting to add to our family or when we are missing the little one that was taken from us.  We think about how much we want to give our baby the home that was rightfully his and how much we want to have him as a daily, active, contributing member of our family in the traditional way.  But, how often do we think about the babies who are born, who do not get that.

The foster care system in most states leaves so much to be desired.  These poor, innocent children are shuffled from home to home, never given the chance to really bond, never knowing where they will be next month.  I look at Kaitlyn and Samantha and while I know how blessed they are (and how blessed we are) I hate to let my mind wander to a place where babies, just like them, were born into families that simply could not or would not care for them.  They don't have their routines or their rituals.  They don't have a mom and/or a dad there for them every single day to make them feel like they can conquer anything.  And the older ones.  My heart just breaks for the older ones.

Chicks in Crisis works to prevent that.  Help birth parents chose adoption OR give them the tools and the skills they need to parent their child.  Keep babies and kids out of the foster care system and keep them in loving homes with parents who would do anything for them.

Anyways, check out their site, browse around at the services they offer and check out the article I wrote in their "New Perspective" section on the drastic rise in the cost of child care while you're there!

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