Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our 9 month old Princess

Can you believe 75% of her first year is already behind us?  I can't.  I have no idea where it went!  It's so hard to believe that our itty, bitty, cuddly baby isn't so itty or bitty anymore, and only cuddles on her terms.

Isn't she gorgeous though?

This past month Samantha has grown leaps and bounds!  She is crawling.  She is climbing onto her knees.  She is grabbing onto furniture with the hopes that she will magically stand on it :)  She has sprouted a tooth with another right behind it!  She claps, gives kisses and love, plays games, LOVES playing catch with daddy and his baseball, and loves to throw her head back on you as hard as she can for some reason.  She loves the dogs, loves to eat and loves to drink water.

Samantha had her 9 month appointment yesterday.  On her actual 9 month birthday, sorry I didn't post our update yesterday.  I didn't forget, I swear, but the Etsy store is doing awesome, we had friends over to swim, we had dinner at the in-laws and we stayed busy from the time we woke up until we went to bed.

Anywho, her appointment went well.  She is weighing in at 19 lbs and 13 oz.  This places her at the 75% mark.  And is exactly 12 lbs above what she was born at, so nearly triple her birth weight!  Way to go chunk-a-munk!  Her length is 28.5 " which is 80% and awesome.  She's starting to thin out a bit in those thighs lol.  And her head is 45 cm, which is the exact same as Kaitlyn, at 15 months!  Her head is 80% for her age.

We are going to take her to see an ENT about her tongue.  It is similar to how Kaitlyn's was prior to being clipped, and we want to snip it in the bud if necessary earlier than later.  If we can avoid speech therapy, that would be awesome!

She eats like CRAZY!  I love Baby-Led weaning.  Some of Samantha's favorite foods are fried rice, avocado, peas, chicken and just about anything she can get her hands on.  She is also getting about 30 oz of formula a day.  I am completely out of milk, and doing ok with it.  I really like the similac spit up ready-feed formula.  She likes the taste, I don't mind the smell, and she doesn't spit up as much with it.  It's just hard when we're on the go to take it with us.  So, we use powdered Similac formula when we're out and it doesn't work as great to stay down with her.  So, I need to work on a new plan for feeding when out and about.  She is also getting about 4 bottles a day, so starting today, one feeding a day goes into a sippy cup instead of bottle.  Next month we'll take out another one and so on and so forth until we're done with the bottle, which should be around 12 months old.

Sleeping is going AWESOME as well!  We moved her into her crib nearly 2 weeks ago.  We had some rough times the first couple nights, falling asleep, but she only woke up once through the night and went to sleep easily.  Without food.  Then, we had a couple of nights where there was a ton of crying through the night, but she sprouted a tooth.  Now, we're doing good.  Most of the time she goes down around 9 and is up about 7:45 or so.  And still takes 3- 1 hour naps a day.  There have been a couple nights where she got up at 5:30 and I just brought her to bed with me to cuddle for a couple hours.

Our goals right now are to help her get standing on her own.  It's hard to believe that Kaitlyn was only 3 weeks older when she started walking!  I'm not quite ready for that yet though!

Tomorrow Kaitlyn goes back to school and on Monday we head to Vegas for the week!  Yay!!!

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