Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The optometry appointment

So, when I'm pregnant, I have an amazing sense of smell and incredible vision.  Love it.  Well, maybe not the smell part, but, I love the vision part.  Of course, now that the hormones have been out of my body for a bit, my vision is back to being yucky!

Which meant that I needed to heard to the vision center and get my eyes checked, taken care of and some new contacts.

Samantha was with me, and we got there at 10, for my 10 AM appt.  The optometrist was not.  He sauntered in around 10:25.  Do you know what 25 minutes can do to a 4 month old?  Luckily, she did pretty ok and the exam was really easy and fast.

But, it did have some levels of awkwardness.

As a breastfeeding mom, I am pretty careful about what I put into my body and ensure it isn't anything that can harm Samantha when she nurses.  I mean, what's the point of giving the best type of nourishment if you just taint it with crap?  Right?

Has anyone ever heard that eye drops can get into breastmilk?  I hadn't.  I had, however, agreed to have my eyes dilated.  The optometrist opposed it.  He said that the dilation drops have a lot of chemicals in it and there hasn't been enough research to support that it doesn't seep into your body and spread to your breastmilk causing adverse reactions in little ones.  Ummm....  exactly how much are you planning on putting in my eyes?

We checked my eyes, it took like 3 minutes.  Easiest eye exam ever.  It then led to the elderly (kinda) gentleman doctor asking if he could ask me a personal question.  Seriously, what is the point of this question? Has anyone ever said no?  Or does it just lead to an awkward moment?  Then came the question: "Was your baby born vaginally without medication?"  Um....  Um.....  Fluster a bit followed by some stammering.  Um, no, she was a repeat cesarean.  "Why?"  Well, our son was born cesarean after I ppromed at 23w5d, he was breech and stuck when I delivered at 33 weeks, after then suffering 3 m/c in a year, I reached the point in my pregnancy where she wasn't coming out on her own and I had the choice of waiting it out without anything to thin my clot prone blood and those risks or getting her out and in my arms where I can constantly feel her breathing.  Which was followed by him proclaiming that she looked like she was born without drugs or medical intervention because her eyes were so bright and wide.  Um.... Thanks?

The rest of our visit was laced with more of the same.  Boy, it was interesting haha!



Found your blog through another SIDS mommy...just wanted to say that your children are beautiful.

I lost my son about 8 months ago to SIDS and it is inspiring to see someone that has gone on to be happy.

Vanesa said...

I went to the eye doctor yesterday 3/31 and asked my eyes not be dialted as I had other errands to run after this. The doctor said he would not dilate my eyes anyway since I was pregnant. I did not even think drops in my eyes can affect my baby.