Sunday, March 20, 2011

How are we already 20 days into March?

And I have only had 3 posts for the month?  I've sat down a few times to start and just not finished.  And seriously, I feel like it was just Christmas, I blinked and here we are nearly through with March.  Time should really consider slowing down.

So, let's see what is new.  Samantha had her 4 month appointment last Tuesday.  She weighed in at a whopping 15 lbs and 5 oz.  She was 25 inches long and I did not get her head measurement.  The office was so busy and instead of our normal nurse doing the measurements and what not, it was a floater.  Normally they write it down and give it to me on a "what to expect the next two months" sheet, but I didn't get it, didn't write it and well, time escaped me.

We discussed that she has another cold, and agreed we're so ready for cold and flu season to be done and over with.  We looked at the rash developing on Samantha's neck and determined that it is most likely yeast.  A powder was prescribed and has been helping, but we just can't seem to get it to go away! and we talked about her love for all things food!  It was a good appointment.

Samantha still isn't rolling over.  She was SO close, like a soft breeze would push her over the rest of the way.  Then, she found her toes.  And that was it.  Now she has absolutely no desire in even trying.  She loves being on her tummy, tries desperately to crawl, and is tripoding on her own really well.  Cloth diapering is going really well, I just LOVE it.  I wish we would have done it with Kaitlyn and Matthew.  I've also developed an addiction with them lol.  Nursing is going great.  She is pretty much nursing every 2 hours most of the time.  And once a day she gets baby food.  She hates stage 1 food, I have to thicken it with the organic rice cereal.  So far she has had peaches, bananas, squash, carrots and sweet potatoes.  Her favorite is a banana, peach and granola and the squash.  She will eat a whole 3.5 oz of it and then cry for more, after nursing before getting it.  She's just always hungry.  She still spits up quite a bit, and I've recently fell in love with Gripe Water (not only does it help with colic babys, but with hiccups, teething, sleeping, fevers and fussiness!)  Ever since getting bronchiolitis, she hasn't been sleeping through the night and is up every 2-3 hours to nurse.  But, it's alright, she goes back pretty easy after.  And I'm very proud (although slightly sad) she hasn't made it to our bed yet.  I know it's best, but I really loved cuddling with Kaitlyn and Matthew through the night.

Kaitlyn is doing great.  She had her first friend over after school the other day and was just so proud.  She stayed for a couple hours, talking, playing barbies and gossiping lol.  She was so glad to have her come by and basically talked about it non-stop since then.  She got her report card on Friday.  She got 6 A's and 1 B. Her B was in listening.  The same problem as before, she just goes into Kaitlyn's world sometimes and doesn't pay attention to the instructions for the day.  Her only other challenges were my fault: not signing off on her reading every night (although she is not only doing her school reading, but a lot of other reading every day, I just don't always remember to get the paper to sign) and she had 7 tardies.  I blame both of us :P

Daylight savings has really kicked our butts.  Having a sick baby and a bad cold on top of losing an hour, and having stormy ugly weather just does not work well for me.  I'm hoping this week is better!!

I have really been loving the Etsy store.  We reached 500 fans on facebook and it's really keeping me busy.  I have a whole stack of things cut that I want to put together to list, it's just a matter of having the time.  But, I'm excited with how much I've grown in my relationship with the sewing machine :)  Now, I just want/need a serger.  Then an embroidery machine!

Things have just been crazy busy over here.  We just celebrated my grandma's 75th birthday, my sister is getting married in Vegas in 7 short weeks, we have March for Babies coming up, and everything that goes along with life in the meantime.  Because of how busy we are this year and how we don't have a single free weekend through June, with a ton of guilt, I realize that we won't be able to do a fundraiser for March for Babies this year :(  It just isn't going to pan out :(  I do have our shirt design ready though, so if you are walking with us, please sign up so I can make sure to get you an iron on to iron on to your favorite (or any) white t-shirt.

Last week, I went to a cloth diaper open house with an amazing friend and it was so close to the cemetery that we stopped by.  I snapped a quick picture of Samantha at Matthew's site.  It is heartbreaking to know they will never meet in this world and never have so much as a picture together.

The grass looked awful.  I called the cemetery to say "what the crap" and to try and get some suggestions on what to do.  They said they would replace it for us.  I then inquired (again) about us purchasing a memory bench to place near his site.  We were told that benches are still on hold while they re-work the cemetery.  I want to go and decorate for spring, but I'm terrified to go when it rains.  Several years ago, the cemetery flooded when it rained and many of the coffins came to surface.  Since hearing that, I've had nightmares about it and there is no way I could handle that!

I think that's about all for now...  I'm sure that when I'm in a less sleepy daze, I'll think of more ;)

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