Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kaitlyn's ENT follow up

Kaitlyn's neurologist sent her to see an ENT after getting back her MRI results.  Her doctor had already given her 21 days of antibiotics in hopes to get some of the inflamation to decrease and hopefully prevent the necessity for surgery down the road.

Unfortunately, the antibiotics were ineffective and did absolutely nothing to help the situation.  The ENT noted that she had horrific allergies, some of the worst he had ever seen in a child that age.  The inflamation was still there and causing obvious problems.  It is bad enough to be what is causing her wheezing, headaches and general discomfort.

So, we have a new plan.  Kaitlyn is back on antibiotics for 21 days.  They have doubled the doseage.  She is also back on her nasal spray and is going to go on Prednisone for the next 10 days.  He has also referred her to an allergist.  They will be doing a series of allergy tests and more than likely starting allergy shots for her. 

She will be returning in 6 weeks to see how things look and then schedule a follow up MRI to check for any improvement.  If there is not any improvement, they will be removing her sinuses and adenoids.  He told us to be prepared to have this done, both of hers are so large that it's making it hard for her sinuses to drain, which could be the cause of the overall problem.  If after that there still isn't enough improvement we will be looking into sinus surgery.

Kaitlyn is less then thrilled.

In other news, we are really excited to be planning some fun this summer!  We just went and did our passports today to prepare for our trip to NY at the end of next month.  While there we will get to visit with Aunt Wende, Uncle Chris, Kimberley and Lauren.  Daddy and I will be working, but we'll also get to visit Niagra Falls and hopefully go into Canada.  On the way home, we're so excited to be going to Alabama and visiting everyone out there!  Kaitlyn has been telling EVERYONE all about her trip.  She's beyond excited!


DaphneB said...

That trip sounds awesome! I just know you guys will have an amazing time. I hope Kaitlyn's sinus issues get resolved quickly so she can resume living comfortably. Poor thing...

Nicole said...

Oh no poor Kaitlyn! I know how miserable Dorin was on Prednisone, I can't imagine how hard it might be on a little kid :( Hope she starts feeling better soon, at least she has a super fun trip to look forward to! :)