Tuesday, May 4, 2010

12 weeks pregnant

I know, I'm a day late.  But, we weren't home, so I'm not going to worry about it :P

Today we had 2 doctor's appointments.  The first was just my basic run of the mill, 12 week OB appointment.  Our goal was to hear the heartbeat, but that didn't happen for more than a second.  The baby was jumping and bouncing all around so my awesome OB went and got the u/s machine and we watched baby dance around with a nice and healthy heartbeat.

From there, we headed to the Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor.  Originally the point of the appointment was to 1.) Have an NT scan to access our risk of a chromosomal problem (this is done by measuring the fluid behind baby's neck as well using blood tests to determine if there is a likelihood of downs or other chromosomal diseases) and 2.) to have a consult to see what our risks of preterm delivery is with this appointment.

My first appointment had already told me that most of my vials and vials and vials of blood tests and swabs came back negative and normal.  1 result was missing and that was for something called MTHFR and Factor V Leiden both which are essentially blood clotting disorders.  And another result was not available because the lab lost the specimen.  So, that blood will be drawn this week and once all the results are in, I will have a consult and go from there.

We did get the NT u/s done today.  Results came back within normal range, which is great, and shows that our risk is minimal.  Baby is also measuring about 4 days ahead, which is great.  We got to watch him/her suck it's thumb, wave, bounce and just move all around.  There were no gender guesses since legs stayed cross the entire time.  I just left a message for Sonotech of Roseville so hopefully we will hear back from them soon and have an appointment scheduled for the last weekend of this month to know the sex :)

Until then, here are some pictures of our little one:

And here is some information on being 12 weeks pregnant:

Baby's Growth and Development at 12 Weeks Pregnant

From the tiny details to major developments, your baby's growth continues with significant progress during your 12th week of pregnancy:
  • When you're 12 weeks pregnant, your baby is almost 3 inches long. That's about the length of a plum.
  • When you’re 12 weeks pregnant, your baby's facial features continue to become more defined, particularly his nose and chin..
  • Tiny fingernails and toenails arrive for your baby when you're 12 weeks pregnant.
  • Your baby's heart might even speed up by a few beats per minute..
  • By the 12th week of your pregnancy, your doctor might be able to hear your baby's heartbeat for the first time, using a special Doppler device. You can ask about this at your next prenatal visit..

Your Changing Body at 12 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations! You’re almost at the end of your 1st trimester. For most women, the next 12 weeks of pregnancy represent some of the most comfortable weeks. Many of your pregnancy's early discomforts, such as morning sickness and frequent urination, are declining or already are gone at 12 weeks pregnant. The pressure on your bladder might be gone as your uterus continues to expand upward.
  • Hormones are still at work, but now your baby and your placenta are producing more estrogen and progesterone than your ovaries.
  • While your increased blood volume will continue throughout your pregnancy, after the 12th week of pregnancy it might not increase as dramatically as it has in the early weeks. Your heart probably has adjusted already to the extra volume and is pumping faster now.
  • Breasts might not feel quite as sore as they did a few weeks ago, although they still might feel heavy.
  • Now showing: your baby!
    • Through the 12th week of pregnancy, your uterus probably has continued to fit within your pelvis, making it difficult for those outside of your body to know you're pregnant, unless you've told them already.
    • If you haven't started already, you might begin to show your pregnancy soon, as your uterus continues to expand.
  • Your weight: By the 12th week of pregnancy, you might have gained about 2 to 3 pounds. Many doctors recommend that women already at a healthy weight gain 25 to 30 pounds during pregnancy, although it can be different for each individual. Speak with your doctor about what's best for you.

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