Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's been forever

Since I've blogged. I know and I'm sorry :) My goal is to blog once a week and update Kaitlyn's site once a week! I'm still undecided about how much I want to share here with the general public.

Since my last update in May, things have been crazy, interesting and fun! Kaitlyn started Kindergarten and is doing AMAZING! She goes all day and has really thrived. She's reading at a second grade level, getting really good penmanship, and doing really good in math. She's funny as can be, smart as a whip and just had her first dance recital in December.

Dusty is doing great. In September he took a line drive to his eye, broke his eye socket in 3 places and his nose. He had to have surgery to have a titanium implant put in but is doing really good now. He still has some pain, bruising and healing (yes 3 months later!!) to do, but he should be as good as new soon!

Archie is doing fantastic. We switched him to a salmon/potatoe diet because of some allergies we found out about and it has made a huge difference. His skin is looking so much better, his ears are clear, his energy level is much higher and he is just happier. He is not as happy that we added a new dog to the family, but he's coming around!

This past December we added Chico into the family. Archie is getting used to the idea, Kaitlyn is in love with the "baby" and he's pretty much my responsibility. He is so tiny, just weighed in at 2 pounds and is nearly 10 weeks old. Potty training is going really well and we're so glad that we are crate training.

2010 is not only a new year, but a new decade and I totally welcome it :)

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