Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Charlotte is 6 months old!

And I'm a week behind!  Which I am not at all proud of!  But, we were enjoying the summer in Santa Cruz and I came back to something yucky going on in my tummy.

Charlotte is growing at an insane rate.  She's definitely not a newborn anymore.  I don't even know where to begin when it comes to her rapid development.

Much to my surprise, Charlotte still has all of her hair.  After all of our time in the sun, and despite spraying the sun screen into her hair, it has a lot of gold in it.  She's finally starting to get some fat rolls on her legs and her cheeks and chin are starting to look chunky.  I love chunky babies.  And really, she eats enough where she should be nothing but rolls.

Charlotte is nursing every 2 hours during the day.  Before bed (around 8:30) she eats 2 ounces of formula after nursing.  Then, she sleeps until 5 in the morning most days.  For some reason, if I skip that 2 ounces, she will be up every 2 hours at night.  I know formula has nothing to do with sleeping through the night, but I swear she knows the difference.  In the morning she eats about 4 ounces of baby food and another 4 ounces in the evening.  Unlike Samantha, she is not a picky baby at all.  She'll use any type of bottle/nipple and eat any kind of baby food.  She does absolutely love melons in her little mesh feeder.

With Samantha, we didn't use baby food because she hated it.  We did baby led weaning and she would just eat food.  She was about the same age and eating teething biscuits and whatever was on our plate.  Charlotte does not like solid food in the same way.  I've given her the baby rice cups and she has no interest in doing anything other than shoving them between her toes...

Charlotte has started to HATE the car.  If we time it right at nap time, she'll sleep in there.  Otherwise, nothing will make her happy.  She's already weaning herself off the paci and chewing it instead of sucking (unless she is super tired) so that's not much help, toys do not interest her at all in the car and basically we just have to try and get wherever we are going.  This means Kaitlyn has been our best in the car baby by far.

Charlotte also does not like for me to leave her.  At all.  For any length of time.  She's better if she's at home, but we have tried going out to dinner and letting her stay with grandparents and it was horrible for her.  She just cried and cried.  She is so stubborn, she will not cry herself to sleep in any situation, she will just cry for hours on end if she doesn't get her way...  This could be trouble later...

Charlotte wears disposable diapers when we travel (size 2 pampers swaddlers) and cloth at home.  Once we run out of disposable, we'll hopefully be rid of them for a good long while!  She's outgrowing her 3-6 month clothes, but some still fit.  She wears a lot of 6-9 month stuff, but the waist is so narrow on some of the things.

Charlotte is currently (unofficially until Monday the 8th of July) 28 1/4" long (98.9%) and 15 lbs (27% and not even double her birth weight yet).

She is so close to crawling it's ridiculous.  She gets on all fours and pushes herself front and back and then usually either goes backwards or falls on her face.  She is able to quickly go from one side of the room to another, scooting or rolling.  She isn't sitting up on her own too well yet.  She can tripod for a minute or so, but isn't too secure...  She has a million looks she likes to give and such a fun personality.  Kaitlyn and Samantha can really get her laughing and playing.

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