Tuesday, June 4, 2013


In today's society, catfishing refers to more than just casting out a line in hopes of catching a delicious dinner.  It also refers to "whackadoos" doing "whackadoo" things.  Urban dictionary defines it well: The phenomenon of internet predators that fabricate online identities and entire social circles to trick people into emotional/romantic relationships (over a long period of time).

We have been "catfished."  In a way at least.  A woman by the name of Monique Spears has fabricated a character she named Joshua Reagan.  Joshua is the father of two, a daughter named Kaitlyn and a son named Matthew.  What a coincidence.  To give proof that this character actually exists, she had to have photos of "his" children.  Anyone want to guess what photos she used?

Yeah.  I don't take too kindly to the photographs I post on my blog being used by "whackadoos."  So, in between a day of editing footage and caring for three little ones, I spent some time finding out a lot of information about Monique.  I verified that Kaitlyn and Matthew's websites (that I keep mostly for me to go back and look at) are password protected, my facebook is still nice and private and since there is only one other place "Joshua's" cover photo could be found, I'll be watermarking all of my images. 

It has been suggested that perhaps I make the blog private.  Which I did consider.  But, it's theraputic for me.  And, I enjoy helping people who may be going through a little bit of what we have, or who would like to try and understand what it is like to lose a child, perhaps to be a better friend to someone hurting.

Just a personal message to Monique, in case you didn't receive the one on facebook before quickly deleting Joshua's profile: I spent more time than I'd care to admit researching you today.  I have more information about you, your life and your "characters" than ever necessary.  You really should get a healthier hobby.


LauraJane said...

Ugh. This makes me sick. :(

Christina said...

That's disturbing. I'm sorry.

I've been thinking a lot about privacy and the internet lately, especially in relation to the kids. I love to show off pictures and share cute stories, but I wonder about how much and with who. It's a fine line I think.

Anonymous said...

awww,I'm sorry that has happened to you.

Anonymous said...

I actually found your blog after I became suspicious of "Joshua Reagan" this is someone that i befriended many years ago, and he...rather she has been using the pictures for years. Being young snd naive I believed it all...but after a lot of growing and passing years I could tell it just wasn't real.