Friday, December 14, 2012

Tragedy in the World * Labor Pains

It goes without saying that the events that took place today are beyond heart wrenching.  A young man made the choice to pick up guns and use them as a terrorist would.  He opened fire against those that worked every day to make our community a better place and innocent young children.  He selfishly took the lives of more than 2 dozen before taking his own life.  And we may never know why.

What we do know is he was obviously a sick individual.  We know that he was a complete and total monster.  I believe that he should absolutely rot in hell.  He should not be remembered as anything other than a complete and total piece of scum.

Innocent lives were lost.  Little ones will have Christmas presents under the tree they will never open, lists that never went to Santa and Elves that will never be found.  Little kids are going to miss their best friends.  Lives are forever changed.

This is not a time to discuss gun control.  This is not a time to react on emotions and assume that if all guns were off the street these things wouldn't happen.  And this is not a time to make up facts about gun rights.  These are things I feel very strongly about and I find it disgusting that people utilize tragedies to push their own personal agendas.

Some of the things I have read on facebook have disgusted me to the point I've had to "hide" people.  Really, I think it's best to just avoid facebook for a few days. 

My thoughts, my prayers, my good wishes are with those affected by this tragedy.  I pray for their peace, I hope for their healing and I wish for nothing more than for those poor little ones to reach a point of happiness in life, despite this tragedy.


At 2:30 this morning, I was up.  Cramping.  Having to use the restroom non-stop.  I was up every hour.  It was miserable.  At 5:30, I took a bath.  Followed by some tylenol.  It helped a little bit.  By 11, I was having some contractions.  Nothing too timeable.  Just irritating.  The cramping though was horrible.

At 3:00, I started having some sharp cervical pains.  Enough for me to cry out in pain just about every time it happened.  I told Dusty I wanted to go to the hospital.  My mom picked up Kaitlyn from school and Samantha from our house and Dusty took me to L&D.  Shortly before we left, I lost my mucous plug and the pain increased.  We got to L&D by 4:30.  I was on the monitors.  Contractions were showing up on the monitor, going off the charts every 5 minutes.  The nurse checked me, my amniotic sac was in place, and I was dilated to one.  I left my urine sample and it was decided that I would be monitored until 6:30 and checked again.

Well, the nurse got busy, by 7:00, I was checked again.  Still at a 1.  With a pretty bad urinary tract infection.  The thought is that perhaps the contractions are being caused by a UTI.  So, we're starting antibiotics with the hopes to get to Tuesday.  They are really not a fan of doing cesareans before 39 weeks, so that's where we need to get.

I must say, I think if you're going to have a cesarean and face that recovery, you shouldn't be forced to have labor too!

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