Wednesday, December 5, 2012

37 weeks - Full Term

This is what full term looks like.  On me at least.

I agree with the new train of thought that 38 weeks should be considered full term, and all babies deserve to get to 39 weeks.

That does not mean that I am not going to celebrate this amazing milestone.  I am just about a normal pregnant lady now.  It's about darned time!

Today, there are 2 weeks left until delivery date.  I have only one more prenatal appointment.  I will be having my third full term baby.  How awesome is that?  And terrifying.  I have absolutely no idea how time has gone by so fast or how I am going to accomplish everything I need to in the next 2 weeks.  And of course, there is the possibility she can tell me that she disagrees with the day we've scheduled and wants to be born sooner than that.  Which , I wouldn't really complain about.  ;)

I had my 37 week ultrasound this morning (at 37w1d) and my weight gain is at 38 lbs.  Not too shabby.  Let's see how long before I'm back to normal.

My exam showed that my cervix is still long, closed and baby's head is not engaged.  But, my contractions are on the stronger side and were fairly consistent, even in the office.  Since they are only every 12-15 minutes apart, it's possible it's the very early stages of labor, or it's just an irritated uterus that has been down this road before.  Either way, if I go into labor before the 19th, my doctor is ready to deliver.

I'm getting pretty uncomfortable.  I have cramping just about every day.  My thighs and pretty much from my neck down is super sore all the time.  I'm exhausted, but not tired.  If that makes sense.

We're almost ready for Christmas.  I need to get one more thing for Charlotte from Santa (I decided that there really isn't much you can get a one week old from Santa, especially when she has 2 older sisters, so I am doing a basket of baby necessities, pacis, new bath stuff and so on), a few things for Kaitlyn, a few things for Dusty and then just 6 more gifts and I'm done.

Despite Samantha's best effort for us to not have any presents wrapped, I've now re-rapped most of them at least once.  Instead of making the mistake of putting them under the tree, they are now boxed up until Christmas Eve.

My bag is packed, I even made Charlotte a gown for the hospital with a matching garland to put around the bassinet in the hospital:

I have the bag for the girls packed.  I have my tubal paperwork with me at all times.  I'm hoping that I can get Christmas cards out by Friday, and shopping finished up next week.  Then, all we have to do is have a baby!

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