Wednesday, August 15, 2012

21 weeks Pregnant!

Since it's an odd week, I only have one appointment this week. Which, still makes it go by fast since I walk in and feel like "I was just here!", which means that even number weeks go by even faster! Only 127 days until we are tentatively scheduled to hold this little one outside the belly. As of yesterday, our still unnamed baby girl hit 21 weeks gestation. She's probably close to a pound now and I can feel her more regularly every day. She's way more active in the afternoon and the evening. I bet you'll be able to feel her from the outside in the next couple of weeks. Kaitlyn will be so excited, every day she asks if she can feel the baby yet. And Samantha has been showing more and more that she is getting "it." She rubs my belly and says "Baby, Nice" to show that she isn't slapping my stomach, but petting it nicely. Which is cute. Except for when we're in the store and she rips up my shirt and screams "BABY, NICE!" Yeah, that's less cute. Kaitlyn has started 3rd grade and loves it. She was glad to get the teacher she wanted, her best friend's twin sister and her other best friend are both in her class. She picked up her back up pair of glasses this morning and still loves them. She's starting to love cheer even more, even though she's disappointed to not "fly" as much as she was. No reminding her that it's only her third week convinces her that she'll ever fly again. Samantha's language has exploded. And she's pretty darn funny. Her favorites lately are "Whoa Baby!" And "See ya!" and "No Way" mostly all at appropriate times. Of course, she's also perfected tantrums, throwing her head on the ground and screaming No as loud as she can to get everyone's attention. Can anyone else believe that we're already halfway through August?!?!

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