Wednesday, August 8, 2012

20 week OB appointment and the last day of Summer!!

Today was the last day of summer vacation. And it was busy. We started the day off with a meeting at the March of Dimes Greater Capital Division office. We are incredibly blown away and honored to have been asked to be the 2013 Greater Capital Division March of Dimes Ambassador Family. We are beyond honored and so excited to be a part of such an amazing organization. From there we stopped by a couple of Walmarts looking for some things for Dusty. After striking out at two of them, we headed to my 20 week OB appointment. I'm up 13 lbs, woo-hoo, which is about 7 shy of what my doctor's goal is. So, when I return to the OB in a month for a normal appointment, my goal is to have gained another 11. Um. Yeah that is gonna be a little difficult I think. For the horrific reflux, I get to keep taking Zantac twice a day and in addition to the Tums, I can add in Maloxx or Mylanta. Here's hoping it works and I can start eating some yummy food again. Unlike yesterday when little one wouldn't move regardless of anything anyone did, this time she was going insane and had no desire to sit still to have her heart beat examined. But, eventually we got it for a moment. The course of treatment has changed slightly. The recommended course of action for p17 with Samantha had been to go from week 16 to week 36. 20 weeks of injections. This time, they are stopping them at 34 weeks. Which is the same cut off for when they would administer steroid injections. After my appointment we dropped lunch off to Dusty and went and got our own lunch at Burger King. Who was out of ICEE's. And frozen lemonades. Both, the only reasons we went there. We headed to IKEA to exchange a part of a chair. When we went on Saturday to get Kaitlyn a new chair for her desk, the aisle was all messed up and I managed to get a bottom and a top that do not match, do not fit together and will not work. There were 4 people ahead of us. It took over an hour to get it exchanged. Absolutely ridiculous. I was so frustrated. As was Kaitlyn. Luckily, we were able to de-stress when we went to get manis and pedis with Grandma. Samantha was a bit jealous. But, while she likes having her nails and toes painted, you have to use the instant dry polish or she thinks it's finger painting... So, she was given a lollipop and my iphone to play with. With pretty fingers and pretty toes, we went and Kaitlyn picked out a new pair of glasses to be a back up pair. She chose a really cute pink wire frame pair that should be here in a week and a half. She also got a couple new cases for her glasses since her first pair came with a soft case and I know this kid. And then we headed home. Where the air is fixed and it's a perfect 68 degrees. It's off to cheer and bed time before Kaitlyn's first day of 3rd grade tomorrow!

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