Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Drama Queen in the making

I think that's what we're dealing with. I think this little one is determined to be the center of attention, she must know what she is up against because she is determined to keep me off my feet and in my bed for the next 6 months.

It started with a migraine on Friday. A dizzying migraine that after some caffeine and tylenol was tolerable. It included minimal vomiting, which is normal for me right now anyways, so I can't really blame it on the headache for sure.

Well, that turned into being super nauseous when I went to bed that night. I tossed and turned all night, and felt super dehydrated. But, even sipping water had me throwing up, so I had a feeling that the next day I would end up at least taking a visit to the hospital to get something to make the pain and the vomiting stop. I figured we could all keep sleeping for now though and wait until the afternoon.

Well, at about 6 in the morning, I had to go to the restroom and there was blood. A lot of it, with some clots mixed in. With the girls still asleep, we decided Dusty would stay home and I would drive to the nicer, albeit a little further, ER to get everything checked out.

An u/s showed a healthy little baby, still measuring a week ahead (the ER doctor thinks we should change the due date, but unless I ovulated the day after my menstrual cycle started, it would be off, she's just growing well), her hand still above her head while she sleeps. And while her ankles weren't crossed during this u/s, the umbilical cord was hanging out in the middle of her legs. We didn't bother trying to verify the sex, because it really doesn't matter and I was just glad to see the healthy blood flow to the umbilical cord.

My urinalysis showed an infection, blood work showed dehydration, and I needed a rhogam shot for the bleeding. I was given the option of staying over night to get an IV of fluids, or going home with antibiotics and zofran and strict orders to stay in bed and do NO lifting until at least Tuesday when I start p17. I chose going home.

The day continued with the misery of wanting to puke nonstop and my head pounding. Today is a little better, but we're only a couple hours in the making. Here's hoping it improves!

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Christy said...

Hope you feel better soon! :(