Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Adios Summer

This is how I feel.

School starts back on August 9. August 7 is the welcome back ice cream social. Between now and then, I feel like we have a gazillion things to do before then and it's going to be here tomorrow.

Kaitlyn had her yearly eye exam today. Her initial tests showed perfect vision. No problems or hesitations. We talked some about her headaches and he suggested a different type of dilation. It doesn't wear off as easily as what they have used before, but it's more effective. After dilation, her vision was not so perfect and showed an underlying prescription.

She needed a 1.75+ prescription. However, her eyes are working hard to give her perfect vision, and we want to try and keep them trying to correct her vision in hoping it will eventually correct itself. So, we are going to do a prescription that isn't quite as strong, and only use it for reading and homework or classwork. After a year, we'll reevaluate. Unless, she keeps getting migraines and then we'll see what works for her.

Tomorrow is not going to be a fun day around here. Samantha wakes up begging for two things, milk and poptarts. Poptarts can usually be traded out for cereal, oatmeal, bagels, toast or anything and I think poptarts is just her word for breakfast.

Because she is having her fecal disimpaction on Friday, tomorrow is a clear fluid only day. All day. Only jello, juice, water and broth. She is NOT going to like it. I can easily say she is going to hate it. We're going to try and go in the morning for me to finish up some work and Kaitlyn to pick out her glasses, but I'm not going to hold my breath. Kaitlyn has her last day of cheer camp tomorrow night as well. AND, it's when she finds out if she made the team.

Friday, we need to have Samantha at the hospital by 6 AM for check-in with a 7:30 procedure. We should hopefully be on our way home by 11. Hopefully she does well with the anesthesia and bounces back easily.

Saturday is uniform fitting for Kaitlyn if she made the team. Her fingers are crossed!

Next week is our last week to catch up with friends before her last weekend before school. Kaitlyn REALLY wants to do the color run with my sisters on Saturday and Sunday we are celebrating Matthew's fifth birthday. How he would already be 5 is beyond me and I'm sure I'll share all my feelings soon.

Tuesday is our anniversary and next big ultrasound, followed by ice cream night. Wednesday is manicures and pedicures and the last night of freedom before getting back to the the school schedule.

Kaitlyn has all her new clothes and shoes, back pack and lunch box and desperately wants her glasses to be here before she starts school.

Can you believe there is exactly 5 months left until Christmas!?!?!

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