Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Samantha's First ER Visit

And I have a feeling, it won't be the daredevil's last.

Samantha is STILL going through her "banging head on everything in sight" stage.  We discussed it with her doctor as recently as Monday at her follow up appointment (more on that, turning 16 months and life in general soon) and decided it was mostly likely just a phase.

On Tuesdays, we have dinner at the In Laws.  When we were getting ready to leave last night, I noticed a new wound next to the forehead bruises she had from banging her head on the table earlier that afternoon.  This time it was on her eye.  Little one decided to hit her head repeatedly on a table in the playroom and must have missed her forehead and got her eye instead.

A small welt on her eyebrow wasn't too concerning, but the bright red spot on her eyeball next to her Iris was.  A google search led to a call to the advice nurse who urged us to take her in to rule out a serious eye injury because of her age.

Dusty stayed home with Kaitlyn (who was in bed) and I took the sleeping toddler out to the ER.  The first one I went to had people laying on the floors, a 4 hour wait and was plain gross.  I walked in, turned around and walked out.  Telling myself driving another 25 minutes was well worth it.

And it was.  She slept through me taking her out of the car, again.  Slept through walking through the rain.  Slept through the band being put on her ankle and slept until I laid her on the scale.  23.8 lbs.  (Woo Hoo for weight gain!).  She was silent as a mouse when the doctor shone the bright light in her eye and asked a gazillion questions about her phase (he thinks it might be more of a sensory issue than a phase and suggested we watch it and report it at her 18 month appointment if it's still going on) and diagnosed her with head trauma and a subconjunctival hemmorhage.  He assured me that it was relatively normal and the head trauma that led to the injury was far worse than her bloody eye.  And, her eye may be bloody looking for a couple weeks, worsening before it gets better.

The doctor was amazing, thorough, compassionate AND had us out of there in 15 minutes, warning us to never go to the first ER again.  

Hopefully she'll learn a lesson and stop banging her head on stuff.  Then again, she was still doing it this morning so who knows!

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