Monday, March 5, 2012

Our Weekend

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous.

It had me craving spring.  It had me ready to put away every long sleeved item in the house and trade all those boots we have in for flip flops in every color of the rainbow.

I wanted to bask out by the pool, soaking up the sun.  But, instead of pretending that it was a beautiful, triple digit day filled with the need of excessive sunblock and umbrellas, we had things to accomplish.

Saturday was a beautiful day to have the windows open and get some spring cleaning done.  It was a perfect day to find a field of wild flowers and discover Samantha hates tutu skirts, even if I make pretty petti-tutu perfect for St. Patrick's Day photos.  It was a great day to get some pictures of the girls together, even if they refused to either smile or look at the same time.  Regardless, I did get what will probably be one of my favorite pictures of them together for a while.

It was the perfect night to get Kaitlyn signed up to Cheer this year.  And even more perfect to finish off with some Korean BBQ we got to grill ourselves at a super fun restaurant celebrating a birthday!

Sunday would have been a great day to run around like crazy, but it was also a great day to spend together, relaxing in the morning with all the windows and doors open.  And it turned out to be an excellent day to clean out Kaitlyn's room.  I do not understand how each and every month we can have enough stuff to fill a large garbage bag and bin of "yard sale" stuff (for our hopeful yard sale this weekend!).  And it ended perfectly with Sunday dinner with the family.

Of course, the only thing that would have been better would have been a better conclusion to last night's Walking Dead, but, what can we do?

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