Sunday, March 18, 2012

Samantha- 16 months old

This little princess is 16 months old.  She's growing like CRAZY. 

Maybe not as much physically, but watching her brain develop has been so much fun.

Physically, she's up to 23.8 lbs and I don't think she's gotten any taller.  Her head is still gigantic!

Samantha knows the majority of her body parts: eye, nose, cheek, chin, hair, head, belly button, eyebrow, ear, feet, toes, hands.

(Isn't that an adorable diaper??  It's the Bum Genius lovelace diaper and took me forever to find, but so worth it!)

She is SUCH a ham and will do just about anything for a laugh!  She loves to dance and "shake, shake, shake" and begs for "MoMo" (Elmo), and LOVES playing with Kaitlyn. 

She says Hi to everyone she sees and will continue to do it until you say it back.  She says "Byeee" and waves feverishly when she's ready to go somewhere.  She's learned to mimic just about everything we do, taking sister's temperature, opening doors (I know we're in trouble!) and loves to sit outside.

Samantha gets so excited when Dusty gets home from work and begs for him to hold her and share food with her, then an hour later is ready to slap him in the mouth if he tries to eat her food.

Samantha loves baths, wants to play in the toilet and loves playing dress-up.

To think we're already 1/4 into her second year completely amazes me.  I cannot imagine life before her.


LauraJane said...

Oh my gosh she's so cute. I especially love the first photo- so sweet! :)

Lori said...

Adorable!!! How can this time be going so quickly? Luke is allllll about opening the doors (and closing, and opening, and closing!) too!!!

Danielle said...

I love that diaper- too cute! My little girl is 15 mos and isnt doing much of anything. If you dont mind me asking, what do You do with ber to teach her these things?

Denise said...

Danielle- we play a lot. And I'm sure it helps that she has a big sister constantly trying to teach her stuff and she is always trying to mimic. I read her blog yesterday but for some reason I couldn't post :(. My oldest (who is incredibly smart for her age) had a severe speech delay because of being tongue tied. She started speech therapy at 18 months and continued until she was 3. She LOVED it and I really do think it's why she was reading books when she was 4. It's amazing, with Samantha you can see her trying to figure things out and then one day she'll just get it. We stick to a schedule and a ton of repition. Last month, she woke up one day and it was like she had a knowledge growth spurt. Her vocabulary exploded and she just got so much she didnT seem to know the day before. Just wait, your little one will do the same :)

Leesa said...

My children always seemed to do those mini-explosions of knowledge as well. And at the time there were doing that, they also seemed to 'forget' or just not do any of the things that they had previously learned. I think children get tired of what they can already do and are always looking for something new. That's why we like to explore new parks and head to different parts of the zoo when we go (we are members) they seem to learn so much when it's new. BTW, this group of photos, SO cute!