Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where we've been...

Things have been CRAZY busy!!

Samantha is 6 months old, close to 7 months and growing like crazy!  Kaitlyn just celebrated her half birthday with some spaghetti tacos and is super close to being a 2nd grader!  She had her open house at school today and then only has 3 days next week before she is done.  She's reading at a 4th grade level and just doing swell.

Early this month we took Samantha on her first road trip.  We headed to Las Vegas for my sister's wedding.  Everything was just absolutely gorgeous.  We had so much fun and the drive down was so easy and fun.  Samantha did awesome.  Don't ask about the drive back though :P  I swear, the kid does not like driving in the dark for anything.

I've been sewing like crazy, working on DVDs like crazy, trying to get caught up on everything around here and just plain staying busy!  We leave for Texas a week from tomorrow, and after that it will be time to rest and relax.  I'm so looking forward to Texas, maybe not the drive, but really looking forward to all San Antonio has to offer :)

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We went to San Ant on a family trip 2 years ago and my kids had SUCH a great time, have fun!! Although, SeaWorld was a little disappointing because San Deigo is MUCH better :)