Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Half Birthday Miss Samantha

If I would have blinked for even a moment longer, I would have missed it.

Time has flown by.  I mean, really, really flown by.  Samantha turned 6 months old yesterday and has grown by leaps and bounds since this time last year.  Especially considering that at this time last year I was writing this at 13 weeks pregnant and we had no idea if we were going to have a little girl or a little boy.  What a difference a year can make!

I know I've been slacking on the blogging, things have been crazy, but to catch up, I'm going to probably be posting one a day all week :)

Samantha had her doctor's appointment today.  She is 17 lbs and 4 ounces and came in at 80%, she is 26 inches which was 60% and her head circumference was 42 3/4 cm which was 60% as well.  At Kaitlyn's 6 month appt she was 16 lbs 4 oz and 27 inches, which I thought was chubby, but Samantha has truly shown me what chubby is lol.

Samantha is sitting up completely on her own, for quite some time. Usually she only topples over when trying to reach something out of reach and just can't do it or when she is trying to watch what is going on behind her lol.  She is rolling over front to back and back to front all the time.  Sometimes she refuses to do it from tummy to back, but if there is something she wants, she'll do it.  And if you walk away for a minute or two and leave her alone on her tummy blanket, when you come back she will be across the room.  She can crawl in circles and a couple times made like a half inch progress forward.  I bet she'll get it really quickly and then just take off everywhere.  She so badly wants to be wherever Kaitlyn is doing whatever Kaitlyn is doing.  She is doing sit-ups like crazy if she is on her back to try and sit up.  She can get a good 4 inches off the ground.

Samantha is eating pretty much everything baby food wise.  She is kinda bored by the boring flavors though.  We have used her mesh feeder a lot in the past week and she loves it.  Her favorites have been banana, watermelon and of course pickles. We've tried apples and grapes but she wasn't as impressed with them.  She is also starting on some of the puffs, which she likes.  She wants to chew on everything.  I think she just wants to hurry up and get to real food.  She is still nursing every 2 hours around the clock, and to be honest, I'm tired.  I did get in trouble for this though.  Her ped wants to see her night weaned by now.  He said if we wait too much longer she will not start sleeping through the night until 3-4 years old and he doesn't want that for us.  So, guess what we get to start today!

She is playing with her toys a lot more now.  Her feet touch the ground in her activity center and she loves anything with lights and buttons.  And mirrors.  Boy does this baby like mirrors.  She still finds Kaitlyn hysterical and loves cuddling with Dusty.  She says dadadadadadada all the time when she's upset.  He can get her to sleep in 10 minutes flat just by giving her light kisses on the head.

Cloth diapering is going great!  I've added to our collection, but I am officially done buying diapers.  I promise.  Unless I see something to cute to resist!  We just got back from Las Vegas (Samantha's first road trip!) and used disposables, but other than that we use Cloth around the clock and LOVE it!

Overall, Samantha is doing great, growing like crazy and seriously one of the happiest babies I've ever met.


LauraJane said...

What a gorgeous little girl- and HUGE eyes. So precious! :)


She is so darling, seems like she brings so much joy into your lives.