Monday, April 4, 2011

What a Week!

So far, since Samantha has been born, I've been really, really good about not doing as much, not taking on as many projects and spending a lot more time relaxing.

Last week, I started to feel more "normal", you know, out of the fog of those baby days, adjusting to the new sleep (or lack thereof) schedule, comfortable with our new routine, used to breastfeeding around the clock and all that good stuff.  I guess I decided to have a super busy week to celebrate.

Saturday we had my sister Christina's Bridal Shower. My sister Samantha and I hosted and I think it went super spectacular!  I could be biased though....

Best part, homemade marshmallows dipped in the chocolate fondue.  YUM-O to the 10th degree.  I got home around 8:30, cleaned up the house and then we (the girls and I) went to bed.  Sunday was our traditional Sunday, dinner at my parents.

Monday, Kaitlyn had school.  After school, I picked her up and we headed home to start homework.  When Daddy got home we decided to head out for dinner  It was the first time just the four of us have been out to eat and it was a good time.  I think Dusty was a bit scared, but Samantha was awesome and slept through most of it, then when she did wake up, she just ate and looked around.  Kaitlyn was on her best behavior, I mean, amazing best behavior.  So good, Dusty suggested we get the stroller (and OMG, I recently got the Peg Perego Si and am SOOO in love with it, it's seriously incredible) out of the car and go for a walk.  Normally Dusty hates the mall, I cannot remember the last time we went to the mall just to go, so that's what we did.  After we enjoyed our California Pizza Kitchen, we headed to Arden mall, walked and browsed and filled Kaitlyn and Dusty some large bags of Candy at the Candy store.  Kaitlyn's reading is great, and she really impressed the clerk when she read "sugar free" and said "Mommy, those are sugar free! I have to try those!"  We got home just in time for bed and did just that!

Tuesday started out again with school, picking up Kaitlyn and then going home for me to finish the cleaning I needed to do and put away my sewing stuff.  Kaitlyn worked on her homework and then we headed to Girl Scouts.  We left the meeting a tad early to rush to Sunrise Mall and stand in line for 45 minutes to get an awesome place in line for the Jenette McCurdy, Sam for all you iCarly fans, for the Generation Me Concert benefiting St. Jude's.  I had to pick up Kaitlyn to hold her through the 4 songs, which did not make Samantha too happy (the music scared her a bit), but luckily she was in her awesome stroller!  After the concert, we waited in line and Kaitlyn got to meet Jenette McCurdy and get an autograph.  She was on cloud nine!  We got some yummy ice cream then headed home.  On the way home, she was also super excited to blow her first bubblegum bubble!

Wednesday was late start Wednesday!  Yay!  It was much needed.  After school, we met Daddy at home, Kaitlyn did a few pages of homework and we headed to Nana and Papa's.  Kaitlyn and Camaryn played, Daddy got a hair cut and Samantha found the dogs absolutely hysterical.  Soon we headed to the game, I took Dusty and his dad and the girls went with Nana.  I got there early, so after I dropped them off, I headed over to Babies R Us to have a peak around.  I got Samantha the smallest pair of sunglasses I could find, but even they were too big for her huge head, which shocked me!  I also found this really cool mirror that goes in the car and has a remote control to turn on a night light and music.  Samantha normally likes her carseat, but at night, she HATES it.  I mean, screams the entire time she's in it and nothing will make her even remotely close to happy.  I went back to the field after, met the girls, watched (some of) Dusty's game.  We headed home and Kaitlyn was asleep before we even got there.

Thursday we had another fun day.  Kaitlyn had school, and we did Baby Show and Tell, which made Kaitlyn happy.  We went home and did some playing and relaxing and homework.  We had tacos for dinner, the Giant's had their opening day and then we headed over to Red Robin to celebrate our friend Nicole's birthday!  Kaitlyn started reading her first official chapter book and fell in love with Junie B. Jones.  She thought the "Stupid Smelly Schoolbus" was hysterical.  She ended up finishing it by Saturday.  And she was so proud of herself.  So were we :)  It was a lot of fun.

Friday was another great day!  We started out same as before with school, and it being sports day.  Since I didn't know it was sports day until the day before, Kaitlyn wore the only sports outfit she had, shorts and a University of Alabama top.  After I took her to school, Samantha went to the doctor to talk about her rash!  Her eczema has spread to her chest, in the rolls of her fat, back and elbows.  She's up to 15 lbs and 15 oz!  Holy Moly, she's so heavy and healthy!  This was the one night we stayed home after school.  We rested, we relaxed, we ate, we played, we had a good time.

Saturday we started out really lazy.  We slowly got around and ran a few errands.  We took Daddy some lunch.  We went and got some ice cream.  We enjoyed that yummy ice cream and went to the park for a couple hours to play.  Then, we picked up some steaks for daddy to cook for us and headed home.  It was more relaxing and resting!

Sunday we met up with Kaitlyn's friend Shelby and her super mom April to head up to do some horseback riding lessons.  Kaitlyn's gone once before and loved it and loved it again this time.  Part of their lesson is cleaning, grooming and caring for the horses.  After we got some more yummy ice cream and then headed to pick up Daddy and go to Grandma and Grandpa's house for dinner!

Today we had another day of school and a couple hours at the park.  Another fun day, Gosh I'm loving this weather!!!

And that was our week!  We have so much coming up still, we have Christina's bachelorette party next Saturday, Alicia's baby shower the following, A Day in Photos the following with Easter that Sunday (obviously lol), and the following weekend is March for Babies!  Then we're in May!  The first Thursday we're heading to Vegas for Christina and Brian's wedding, then we'll get some resting and relaxing before we head to Texas the first weekend in June!

Can you believe this little one is so close to being 5 months!!!

And now, we're excitedly and patiently awaiting the arrival of Mr. Hudson!  Hopefully he'll be here soon!!

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