Sunday, April 10, 2011

5 months old!

Today, Samantha is 5 months and 1 day old.  Somehow, nearly half a year has passed since she was born.  Where it went, I couldn't begin to tell you.  Dusty said it best today, it's like we blinked and all of a sudden she has figured out toys, getting around and what's what.

Let's see, where to begin, how about measurements?

Weight: 17 lbs!  This is on my baby scale and looking at her thighs and carrying her infant car seat has me totally agreeing!  This puts her at 10 lbs (about) over her birth weight, and in the 90th percentile.

Length: 26.5 inches.  90%

Head Circumference: 17 inches, 90%

She's so big!  At this rate, she has 5 lbs left on her infant car seat.  My forearms are bruised from carrying her and I might end up giving up on it much sooner and just moving her to the convertible car seat sooner so that I can't carry it.  But, on the other hand, I will really miss it, and being able to transfer a sleeping baby easily without waking her up.

She has grown so much!  She is rolling over all the way.  Mostly from back to front but about half the time the other way too.  She has started realizing that she can get around by rolling.  There have been a few times too where she has moved an inch in a crawling like motion.  She gets on her tummy and has her leg work mastered, she just needs to figure out to use her arms in the same way.  She sitting up pretty decent too.  Mostly still tripoding, but once in a while, she'll hold herself up nice and upright.

She's also eating like a CHAMP.  Nursing every 2 hours, around the clock still.  Wait, scratch that.  Once a while at night she'll go a whole whopping 4 hours before eating.  She's also eating food.  She doesn't like stage 1 foods at all.  Unless, I mix it with rice cereal to thicken it up.  She also prefers fruits way more than veggies.  Her favorites are bananas, peaches and the new one she just loves is yogurt mixed with mangos and pineapples.  She gobbles that right up.  She liked the mixed veggies with pasta or grains better than just plain veggies.  We do a couple ounces of fruit or cereal in the morning before a nap, a veggie for lunch, usually an ounce or so, and then at dinner time she'll finish off a 4 ounce container of food.

Bedtime is still at 8:30, and she has to get up every morning by 7:45 to take Kaitlyn to school.  Here is her daily schedule lately:

1:00 AM - Nurse and back to sleep in 10 minutes
2:45 AM - Nurse and back to sleep in 10 minutes
4:15 AM - Nurse and back to sleep in 10 minutes
6:30 AM - Nurse and back to sleep in 10 minutes (this is when I get up, shower and get Kaitlyn up and ready)
7:45 AM - I wake up Samantha, Daddy leaves for work, clean diaper and clothes time.
8:05 AM - Take Kaitlyn to school
8:30 AM - We're home!!  Nurse and play a little
9:30 AM - Food Time!!
10:00 AM - Short nap
10:45 AM - Wake up!  Nurse
11:15 AM - Lunch time!
12:00 PM - Long Nap, usually when I get the most done
3:30 PM - Picked Kaitlyn up at 3 and usually this is when Samantha gets up and nurses again, then plays while Kaitlyn does homework.
5:15 PM - Samantha eats dinner, we eat at about 5:30
6:00 PM - Nurse
7:30 PM - Nurse
8:00 PM - Starts getting everyone ready for bed
8:30 PM - Kaitlyn goes to bed, Samantha Nurses and goes to bed
10:45 PM - Nurses and back to sleep in about 10 minutes.

We really need to cut out some of those night nursing sessions lol!

Samantha is outgrowing nearly all of her 3-6 month stuff, mostly for length.  She is still wearing some of the 3-6 month stuff, anything with flexible thighs still works great and she's getting into the 6-9 and 6-12 month stuff pretty good.  No idea what size shoe she wears since we don't really put them on her.  Her feet are 4.25" long though lol.

She has started reaching out to be held and will go to anybody.  She's just a pretty happy girl.  The only time she gets upset is when we drive in the car after dark, she hates that, and when it's bedtime and she isn't in her bed.  She likes to be in bed.  Which is in the co-sleeper, next to our bed :)

Some of her favorite things are: "peek a boo", Super Baby! (- Daddy's game!), Kaitlyn singing to her, watching baseball and really, anything that involved people looking and paying attention to her.  She is playing a lot more with her toys lately and just loves taking in everything.  We've been spending a lot of time at the park lately, and going for walks together in her stroller and she's loving it all.

Here's a video of the first time she rolled over and a picture of the girl's trip to see the Easter Bunny!


Jenny said...

Beautiful little girls you have :)

Lukes Life said...

Five months already! I remember when she was in your belly like it was yesturday! They both look beautiful with the bunny!