Monday, June 7, 2010

The Wishing Star

Last night we were driving home from Sunday dinner I pointed out the wishing star to Kaitlyn as it appeared out her window.

She said she made her wish.  Curious, Dusty and I asked what her wish was.  She told us that if she told us it wouldn't come true.  A moment later, she told us it didn't matter, it couldn't come true anyways.  With our curious really peaked at this point, we asked again.  She asked us "If the wishing star is so close to Heaven, why can't it bring Matthew back?"

Which lead to a series of questions about the ability of God to create life, the universe, Heaven, how we meet the ones we've loved and lost in Heaven.  Which, in the line of thought of a 5 year old, lead to the question "Why does God create people who are bad?"  Which obviously led to a discussion on free will. 

A discussion on free will, 9:30 at night on a Sunday.  What an end to the weekend.

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