Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello Summer!

Things have definitely been crazy busy over here in Miller land :)

About 2 weeks ago, I started getting my progesterone shots to help keep baby Samantha in there as long as possible surrounded by lots and lots of amniotic fluid :)  The shots don't really hurt going in, but they do hurt and leave my muscles sore for a couple days after.

Last week we also had our first perinatologist ultrasound appointment.  All was well, Samantha was measuring big and weighed in at about 9 ounces.  We got a ton new pictures that look a lot like the other ones we have.  Basically, she's still at the gestational age where she looks like a cross between an ape from planet of the apes and an alien.  Next time (July 7) she should have more fat on her with more visible features :)  My cervix looks good, nice and long and closed. 

Kaitlyn is doing great!  She is loving summer vacation, aside from the whole missing going to school and her friends and all of that lol.  But, she does enjoy sleeping in, staying up a tad later and having fun play dates earlier in the day during the week!  She has her second loose tooth.  She's terrified of losing them though, so she doesn't really play with them.  She thinks they hurt when they fall out since she's seen friends lose them and bleed.  The one on the bottom is really, really loose now though.  Dusty asked her yesterday if he could slip a string around it, and the other end around a rock and drop it for his Father's day present and she said absolutely not!

We all went camping this weekend.  We went up to Salt Springs Resivour with Nana, Papa, Auntie Christy, Uncle Dennis, Camaryn, Auntie Stephanie, Uncle Craig, Hope, Beau, Auntie Jamie, Uncle Joel, Carmen, Tim and his girlfriend.  Kaitlyn did great!  She spent nearly the entire weekend absolutely filthy, and loved every second of it.  The cutest part was when she sat in front of the fire, put her hands behind her head and said "relaxing by the fire, it's so nice."    She did great.

For the past 5-6 months, Kaitlyn has been asking us to take off her training wheels on her bike.  We've kept putting it off telling her (and believing) that she was too young and we would really like to wait until she was older.  Well, when we got up to go camping Hope had her bike.  Her training wheels were off so she could practice and learn.  Kaitlyn decided to pick up the bike, sit on it and just started riding it!  So much for that traditional moment of daddy holding on to the back of the bike and running with her while she yelled "don't let go" as he slowly did.  Our little princess sure does pick up on things rather quickly and she is quite the over achiever!

I'm going to start uploading pictures soon!  I don't has as many as I'd like, but I'm sure there are others who want to share ;)

Today we are packing, packing, packing.  Our flight leaves at 7 AM for Buffalo, NY!!  Kaitlyn is so excited to see her cousins!!!  Then, we leave on Monday the 28th to head to Alabama where Kaitlyn is so excited to see so much more family!!

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